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Jane Morgan, the owner of a shooting range and a licensed firearm instructor, attracted notice after designating her gun range in Hot Springs as a “Muslim free” area. Her contentious remark did cause some people to worry about religious prejudice. Morgan, though, defended her stance as a measure of defense against criminal activity on her land.

Morgan Elaborates On Taking The “Muslim-Banning” Decision

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Jan Morgan the licensed firearm instructor first announced her no-Muslims policy at The Gun Cave in Hot Springs on social media in 2014. She also said, “I refuse to train the next islamic terrorist.”

Her “blatant” behavior sparked heated debate in the media, and many people argued that it was unreasonable of her to lump the whole Muslim population into the same category as a small number of radicals.

A few months after putting her policy into effect, she refused entry to a father and son who were actually Hindus, thinking they were Muslims. Her gun range was under the watchful eye of the U.S. Justice Department because the act was regarded as a violation of the country’s general Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The policy had an impact on the country’s principles of equality to all races and religions, despite the fact that she claimed it was only for “the protection and security of innocent persons from all races and backgrounds who handle firearms” in her facility. She persisted in refusing to let any Muslims inside The Gun Cave, nevertheless.

Morgan Ran For Governor of Arkansas

In 2018, Republican Morgan declared himself a contender for governor of Arkansas. She campaigned for the election by traveling the entire state with her objectives, which included the anti-gun movement, a decrease in corporate income taxes, a reduction in state government spending, and the identification of financial waste.

Asa Hutchinson, the Republican nominee for governor of Arkansas in 2018, defeated Morgan in the primary.

Short Bio- Age, Husband, Net Worth

Jan Morgan, who is probably in her late 50s, and her sister were both born and reared in Lone Star, Texas. She has a daughter who studied nursing and has been married to Bob Paskvich for a while.

The TV celebrity runs The Gun Cave Indoor Range, a facility for training with firearms, together with her husband, who also co-owns it. She also works as an analyst for Fox Business.

Her estimated total net worth, which has not been disclosed, is thought to be in the millions of dollars from both her business and her work in television. But according to the Glassdoor report, she might make more than $100,000 a year as an analyst.

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