Who is James Comey? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

James Comey cannot be identified unless the person is completely unaware of Donald Trump’s ascent to the presidency of the United States. James Comey served as FBI director up until May 9, 2017, when Trump abruptly fired him due to his preference for the Democratic caucus.

James Comey is well-known, and Patrice Failor, his wife, is also well-known. Patrice is a counselor from the United States who shot to fame after marrying James Comey. Patrice is well recognized for her work in juvenile court as a special advocate.

Patrice Failor’s Wiki & Net Worth

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Every year on November 10th, Patrice celebrates her birthday. She was raised in Iowa and Northern Virginia before being born in the United States.

Since she is a private person in real life, not much is known about her early years or her parents.

In 1978, Patrice began her studies at Mary and Williams College. In 1982, she received her counseling degree.

With her grace and beauty, she rises to an enviously high height.

Patrice has performed volunteer work at the Bridgeport Superior Court. Additionally, she has experience with juvenile justice issues. It’s safe to assume Patrice has a successful career and a high income.

Her husband has an enormous net worth of $11 million, compared to her modest $1 million.

Patrice Failor’s Married Life With James Comey

During her time in college, Patrice not only earned a degree in counseling but also met her husband, James Comey.

When it comes to discussing their first encounter, each of them has a unique tale to share.

Patrice believes she saw James at a cocktail party, but James says they first spoke when she encouraged him to run for President of the Dorm Council. The couple wed in 1987 following a five-year relationship.

Their union has already celebrated its pearl jubilee as of yet.

Patrice Failor Family, Children

It wouldn’t be inaccurate to state that Patrice enjoys her life with her family very much. It’s interesting that her family has five kids: Maurene, Brien, Abby, Claire, and Kate.

They are even fortunate enough to see their children get married and give birth to adorable grandkids nowadays.

Patrice and James discovered a new justification for the beauty and significance of life on May 2, 2019.

James and Patrice have developed a relationship as they have raised their adorable children and supported one another through thick and thin.

Sadly, when Collin Edward Comey was just nine days old in 1995, his parents James and Patrice lost him to a treatable infection that the doctor and the hospital had overlooked. Patrice and her husband were both severely affected by the occurrence, but they made an effort to turn the pain into something positive.

During this time, Patrice conducted a campaign that started a fresh fashion in the hospital. If the B streptococcus infection was discovered near the end of the pregnancy, the doctors were mandated to perform a test for it during delivery. Many lives were ultimately saved by her bold move.

The tragedy was never discussed and was always kept private.

James, however, incorporated it in his May 2019 publication A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership. When he recorded the audiobook version of his book, the section regarding the death of his son was the most difficult to read.

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