Who is James Acaster? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

It is impossible to discuss contemporary stand-up without mentioning James Acaster. The person is at the pinnacle of comedy, holding the record for five straight nominations for “Best Comedy Show.”

The fact that the man is referred to as “Leonardo Di Caprio of Stand-Up” in popular culture speaks much about his reputation in the genre.

But it wasn’t truly the stand-up James had been obsessed with since he was a kid. His true love was for the stage, which helped him subsequently become a master of standup comedy.

In his previous life, James actually served as the drummer for the Northamptonshire-based bands Three Line Whip and Pindrop. After the bands broke up, James turned to comedy as a way to pass the time.

James may have needed some time to recognize when his pastime turned into his vocation. However, his commitment to art is unquestionably the cause of his enormous success in the field.

James has amassed a sizable fan base and is well-known at this point. He has also won a lot of accolades. The Melbourne International Comedy Festival Award for the best show is the most recent of all of his honors. The comedian received the honor at the 2019 Melbourne Comedy Festival in Melbourne.

Additionally, the individual is available for his seven-month tour of Australia from April to December 2019.

Thus, he has probably amassed a sizeable net worth from all of his previous works and tours.

Married To Wife? Girlfriend Dumps Him!

James, a legendary stand-up comedian, is now single and not dating anyone. After being dumped by his former lover, Louise Ford, he recently became a single man.

James revealed in an interview from March 2019 that his girlfriend Louise left him for actor-comedian Rowan Atkinson. James added that he learned about this just a year after their breakup.

There are other relationships between James and Louise that are public knowledge. He had ties to a few of his fellow comedians in the past. James and the New Zealander comedian Rose Matafoe had one of their most well-known previous relationships.

In 2014, James first met Rose while performing in New Zealand as part of a tour. They connected over comedy that year. James, though, headed straight home just after his concert.

As a result, they were able to maintain their long-distance romance for some time. Additionally, the couple had an amusing tweet exchange in August 2014 about phrases they had used twice in their tweets.

Additionally, James’ relationship with his spouse was perfect up until Rose’s 2015 UK tour. As a result, the pair decided to discontinue their relationship. But it’s still unclear what caused their breakup exactly.

It is clear that the comedian is not married after all of his difficult relationships. Therefore, his divorce is certain.

However, James’ supporters are still holding out hope that he will marry a stunning woman who would adore him for who he is.

James Acaster Bio – Age, Family

James Acaster, now 34 years old, was born in England on January 9th, 1985. He was raised in Kettering, Northamptonshire, and received his schooling at Kettering Buccleuch Academy. The previous name of his school was Montagu School.

James has never shared a lot of information about his family history with the public.

The individual has also been successful in preserving his secrecy regarding his prior life despite his celebrity status.

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