Who Is iDubbbz Currently Dating? Learn About Her Net Worth, Sexuality, Girlfriend, and more!

While iDubbbz’s name is well-known on YouTube thanks to his entertaining video, very few people are aware of his real identity, Ian Carter. When he started uploading gaming videos to his YouTube channel, iDubbbzTV, he became an instant hit.

Following his enormous success, iDubbbz launched two additional YouTube channels: iDubbbzTV2 for vlogs and review videos, and iDubbbzgames for gaming.

Is It Better To Date A Girlfriend Or A Gay?

Aside from his high-profile work, iDubbbz’s personal life has garnered a lot of attention. Notable is his remark about his sexuality. The YouTuber frequently refers to himself as gay and is open about it. Furthermore, in 2016, he wrote a song named I’m Gay, which sparked a lot of discussion among fans. Not only that, but he refers to himself as gay while conversing with his Twitter followers.

Surprisingly, his words are questionable given that he has been dating fellow YouTuber Anisa Jomha since 2016. The loving duo is usually spotted hanging out and frequently posts images of themselves on their social media handle.
In addition, they celebrated their third anniversary together in October 2019, indicating that their relationship is solid and healthy.

Early Life

iDubbbz was born Ian Carter in San Antonio, Texas in 1990, and he celebrates his birthday on July 27 every year. From his parents, who eventually divorced, he has two brothers named Troy and Kevin Carter.

The vlogger struggled in life following his parents’ divorce. On August 30, 2012, he graduated from high school and launched a YouTube account. He began by making typical gaming videos, but many were drawn to his films because of his clear and snarky presenting style.

Soon after, his video series such as Kickstarter Crap, Bad Unboxing, Gamer News, and Content Cop catapulted him to new heights. The 6-footer (1.83m) also starred in the ‘Filthy Frank Show,’ as a cancer patient.

He is currently a well-known YouTube personality, having over 7.79 million subscribers to his iDubbbzTV channel.

Net Worth 2022/2023

Many people find it difficult to choose YouTube as a primary source of income, but iDubbbz makes it look easy with three YouTube channels under his name.
He usually publishes video game streaming and review vlogs about other YouTubers and their content on his channels, which has earned him a lot of criticism.

However, this has had no effect on the naturalness with which he conveys his topic. Despite being a difficult deal for advertisers, he earns a lot of money through his channels’ viewership, donations, and ad sales.

To be more specific, his entire net worth is roughly $1.4 million, making him a successful YouTuber and a millionaire.

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