Who Is Heaven Howard? About Terrence Howard’s Daughter

The Empire actor Terrence Howard and his ex-wife Lori McCommas are the parents of Heaven Howard. She was born in the late 1990s, and she is Terrence’s second kid.

The Hustle And Flow actor has more adult children than the little ones who accompany him on red carpets or in public, which may surprise some people. One of them even has children of their own.

Is she then in heaven? Has she wed already? The actor’s less frequent appearances with his elder children also need to be explained. Are they unable to communicate? Learn about each of these in the headings that follow.

Pennsylvanian AD Heaven Howard is Heaven. In 1998, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Howard was born. She is a Lafayette Hill native.

Tyrone and Anita (née Williams) Howard, Howard’s paternal grandparents, were both of mixed racial heritage. They were of Anglo and African descent. Her great-great-grandmother, Minnie Gentry, was an actress who appeared in movies including Black Caesar, Def By Temptation, and Georgia Georgia, all of which were released in the 1970s.

Terrence Howard and his ex-wife Lori McCommas gave birth to Heaven Howard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Heaven Howard, Aubrey Howard, Hunter Howard, and Lori McCommas are pictured in that order.

Terrence Howard, the father of AD Heaven, claimed that his father was physically violent and would beat him.

In reality, when Terrence was only two years old, her grandfather killed a man in the Santa Line Slaying. Her grandfather spent 11 months in jail as a result.

Heaven’s mother is Jewish, and she and her siblings were Jehovah’s Witnesses when they were young.

Heaven Howard’s connection to his parents

Terrence and Lori, Heaven’s parents, wed in 1989 but called it quits in 2003. However, they got remarried in 2005, and their marriage was annulled a second time in 2008.

After divorcing Howard’s mother, Lori McCommas, Terrence married Michelle Ghent, a worker in commercial production, but they split up in 2013.

His current partner, Miranda Pak, and he are parents to two kids.

Her Father Admits to Abusing Her Mother at Home

Howard became embroiled in trouble in 2001 after abusing Heaven’s mother at home.

The Iron Man star was later detained by authorities.

According to the official records from the time, he struck McCommas “twice with a close hand.”

Before divorcing him in 2003, Lori McCommas initially married Terrence Howard in 1989. However, she remarried him in 2005 before divorcing him again in 2008.

Terrence Howard, Heaven Howard’s father, acknowledged punching Lori McCommas.

Howard and Lori had a phone argument earlier that day, with the former threatening to hurt the latter.

Although Heaven’s mother dialed 911, her ex-husband spoke with her first. The Shine It Through singer quickly got into a fight with McCommas, punching him twice in the left side of the face with a closed fist.

After hearings and an inquiry a year later, Howard entered a plea of guilty to disorderly conduct in 2002. Later, the father of five acknowledged that what he did was improper.

Heaven The two full siblings and two half-siblings of Howard

Heaven The middle kid of Lori and Terrence’s three children is named Howard. Hunter, her younger brother, and Aubrey, her older sister, are her siblings. Howard has two brothers named Qiri and Hero through the current spouse of her actor father.

Heaven’s father currently has two full siblings and two half-siblings.

Hunter Howard, Heaven Howard, Terrence Howard, and Aubrey Howard are shown from left to right.
Aubrey, her older sister, is a holistic integration coach and a yoga expert. She revealed her sexual orientation as a lesbian in 2018, and she also supports LGBTQ communities.

She graduated from college in Switzerland.

Heaven attended the Pennsylvania school Springside Chestnut Hill Academy (Sep 2011 – May 2015).

She spent her formative years in Los Angeles, California.

She attended Franklin University in Switzerland for her undergraduate studies, where she majored in fashion studies (2018 – 2021). She had formerly resided in Switzerland’s Ticino region in Franklin, Lugano.

She formerly worked for Starbucks.

From June through November 2015, Howard, then a senior in high school, worked as a barista in her hometown of Philadelphia’s Starbucks.

In May 2016 in the Greater Los Angeles Area, she then started working as a casting intern at Urlich Dawson Kritzer Casting. She helped with casting there for shows like Girlfriends Guide to Divorce and American Horror Story. Agents, writers, directors, producers, network/studio executives, and others were among the people she used to communicate with over the phone.

Heaven Howard was a Fox employee as well.

After that, Heaven Howard worked in Los Angeles as a production assistant for the Fox Broadcasting Company. She would support numerous divisions, including producers, production coordinators, UPM, and many more. She also kept track of call sheets, production schedules, screenplay revisions, and communication between the office and the set.

Heaven attended Franklin University in Switzerland to study fashion.

She worked her way up at Fox, becoming an interim executive assistant in October 2016. After that, she had to manage busy phones, keep schedules, monitor the status of production, and act as an interdepartmental liaison for production. Heaven would also serve as a channel of communication between the network and the studio.

Howard joined Franklin as a content creator in January 2019 after leaving Fox, where she created authentic content for Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram to increase the university’s public outreach.

She was a 20th Century Studios Home Entertainment intern as well.

The young adult, who was born in Philadelphia, sees herself as a well-traveled graduate of a Swiss international university. Her academic interests are in production, visual arts, and public relations.

Is She Dating Anyone?

Although it’s debatable whether Heaven has a boyfriend or a romantic partner, she once teased the subject, albeit vaguely.

The second child of Terrence uploaded a photo of herself in April 2019 sitting on the lap of an unknown man named Gio Pes, who was probably Italian.

Heaven Howard implied that she had a boyfriend in one of her posts. Nevertheless, she didn’t make it very clear.

What deserves extra attention is that the image comes with the caption, ‘A “couple,”‘ written by none other than Heaven, herself.

And although there are a few or two comments within the post itself that have remarked on the picture of Gio and Howard with the word, “couple” and some red heart emoji, Heaven didn’t reveal what she was trying to convey.

What remained unanswered was if the young Italian was the 23-year-old’s boyfriend or if the act was just in the spur of the moment. What’s more, Gio never made an appearance on Heaven’s Insta since then.

Has Heaven Howard Cut Off Her Father From Her Life?

While Heaven has never talked about her father’s domestic abuse to outsiders, she does seem to have a doting relationship with the Winnie Mandela actor. In June 2020, Howard, through her Instagram, talked about how her father, a black man working in the entertainment industry always had to fight to be seen as more than just a thug.

She pointed out how he was often the target of systemic racism to keep black people as the enemy, as the evil in the world.

Although the father-daughter duo may not appear together outside their inner circle, they appear to be on good terms with each other.

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