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Former AMA motocross racer Chris Heisser gained notoriety when he dated American actress Heather Locklear. Since beginning their relationship, the couple has frequently made news of their violent fights.

The infamous Heather Locklear beau recently entered a guilty plea after his wrongdoing first came to light about five months ago. He will be on probation for three years.

Chris Heisser’s Wiki: Dating Heather Locklear

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57-year-old Chris Heisser was born on July 23, 1961. He used to compete in AMA motocross races but is now a contractor.

The handsome Chis Heisser is an imposing 5 feet 11 inches tall (1.80 meters). His relationship with Heather Locklear, an actress, was rocky.

Since Heather’s breakup with her ex-boyfriend, plastic surgeon Marc Mani, the two have been dating. The two were reportedly high school sweethearts, according to another account.

Chris proposed to Heather on September 25, 2017, her 56th birthday, after they had been dating for seven months, as Heather stated in an Instagram post. Following a bloody altercation between the two, the marriage proposal was made.

The couple never publicly acknowledged their relationship despite the proposal. In Heather’s Instagram photo from November 25, 2017, they were seen having a passionate time in bed.

However, the pair split up twice as a result of Heather’s violent conduct.

There were rumors that Chris and his girlfriend had broken up earlier in January 2019 since she had a history of substance misuse as well as mental health problems.

The couple has reconciled, according to their relationship’s follow-up surveys from February.

Additionally, Heather was currently seen to be in excellent health and happiness following her return from therapy. But Heather was unable to maintain mental control for very long, and as a result, she ended up fighting with her partner.

According to the May 2019 reports, Chris and Heather’s relationship was not on healthy terms. Before Heather realized she was losing her composure once more, they engaged in a yelling match. She made the decision to go back to rehab in order to learn self-control.

Even though the pair haven’t officially announced their split, after their brutal argument, neither of them seems to have a way out.

In addition to his lucrative income as a contractor, Chris enjoys his TV star girlfriend’s hefty salary. Heather has an impressive net worth of more than $10 million.

Prior to Chris, Heather had two previous marriages: the first, to Tommy Lee, lasted from 1986 to 1993; the second, to Richie Sambora, lasted from 1994 to 2017. Ava is Heather’s daughter from her union with Ritchie.

Additionally, Heather had a long-term romance with Jack Wagner. However, after becoming engaged in 2011, the pair broke up. Their children, who she had with her ex-partner and Jack had with his ex-partner, were the main cause of their separation. Additionally, they were unable to spend much time together because their children would be too distracting.

Chris Heisser Faces Arrest After Pleaded Guilty!

Following his arrest in February, Chris Heisser entered a guilty plea before the Superior Court of California on July 18, 2018.

On February 26, Chris was taken into custody on a single allegation of DUI. He was found guilty of exceeding the legal blood alcohol limit while driving. The judge, however, threw out his two more drunken driving accusations.

Chris received a $2,377 fine as well as 36 months of probation as his sentence. Additionally, he has a one-year deadline to finish a nine-month DUI program.

Chris was detained in February, shortly after his actress girlfriend was detained for domestic abuse and acting unreasonably toward the police.

The incident that led to Heather’s charges occurred at their home after she had a disagreement with her ex-boyfriend. She was reportedly also texting her brother nonstop while panicking, but her texts were illogical.

Her brother saw the two arguing as Chris was left with a visible mark, so he hurried to her house and promptly dialed 911. According to reports, Heather had consumed a lot of wine and wasted it.

Heather apparently refused to cooperate with the police after they arrived at the scene and allegedly battered three deputies with flailing and kicking, for which she was brought to jail.

She was nonetheless brought to the hospital as a precaution rather than the jail because she had reported being hurt to the police. To suppress her violent outbursts, she was moved to the rehabilitation facility. The Daily Mail further claims that Chri’s stepdaughter was present at the time of the event.

Heather Locklear, Chris’ girlfriend, had previously been detained on a felony domestic abuse complaint and was admitted to the hospital on July 17, 2018, for a psychiatric assessment.

After Locklear attempted to harm herself, the situation developed. Police said that a member of Heather’s family called 911 and said that Heather was seeking a pistol so she could shoot herself.

After looking into the situation, the police informed US magazine that there had been no crime committed and that it was simply a medical issue.

In addition, Locklear was charged with taking alcohol and Adderall pills.

According to a report from radaronline.com on August 1, 2018, the actress was suspected of using drugs that could have put her life in danger.

In addition to this, Heather has a history of substance abuse problems. Over the previous ten years, she has spent time in treatment for abusing alcohol and prescription medications. In addition, Heather was again detained in 2008 for driving while intoxicated.

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