Who is Harry Enten? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Harry Enten, an American journalist, is a well-known television news personality who is associated with CNN Politics. Enten is well-known for his skill in his area, but he is also well-known for his amusing Twitter tweets, which have thousands of followers.

Along with Harry Enten profession, the CNN journalist’s love life is a subject of much speculation. However, judging by his social media activity, Enten appears to be single right now.

Harry Enten: Is He Single?

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The analyst has never publicly discussed his relationship with his partner, but once he wrote on Twitter that she had sent him a photo of a puppy named Lenny.

Thousands of his admirers were left wondering who his girlfriend was after his post in 2018, but he never revealed the identity of the person he was referring to in the post.

Additionally, the journalist is well-known for his Twitter jokes about hunting for a partner, which went viral and caused one of his followers to respond in a hilarious way.

Enten humorously announced on Twitter that he was “seeking” a girlfriend on July 7, 2013.

He followed up the statement in 2016 with another tweet revealing his single status and desire for a romantic relationship. He noted:

F-it. Play Twinder, please. Sorry, fellas, but I’m single if you’re a woman who lives in the NYC metro area. Please like dogs and don’t be a sociopath.

One of Enten’s Twitter followers, Jonathan Mann, even composed a song named “Harry Enten Is Looking For A Girlfriend” in response to his girlfriend-search post. The song gained 89 retweets and thousands of views on YouTube.

Enten hasn’t provided any information regarding the status of the girlfriend search, though. However, it is evident that the CNN journalist is single and has not yet found a wife.

A Look Into His Personal Life

The well-known journalist on Twitter was raised by his parents in the New York City borough of Riverdale after being born on June 22, 1988.

Enten occasionally referenced his family on his social media accounts in addition to posting about his partner. His Twitter posts revealed that Enten spent a lot of time with his father, Harold Enten, who was sixty years old when Enten was born.

Enten also provided his Twitter followers with a glimpse of his father by posting a picture of the two in 1976 with the city’s mayor at the time, Abe Beame.

Enten had a close relationship with his father, who sadly died away in 2015. And the devoted son wrote on Twitter about his thoughts on his relationship with his father.

He was more than 60 years my senior. We became the best of friends despite, or perhaps because of, this difference… I had daily phone conversations with my father.

Enten’s mother, Barbara E. Strassberg, is still employed as a physician, in contrast to his father, who was a judge. Enten is a tall man at 6 feet 2 inches, and he comes from a family of Jewish descent.

He attended Riverdale Country School and Dartmouth College for his studies, and after graduating in 2011, he started pursuing a career in journalism.


Enten, who is only 33 years old, has already attained the pinnacles of his profession and is highly regarded for his knowledge.

He started by writing for the blog Margin of Error while working as an intern for the NBC News Political Unit in Washington, D.C.

Enten afterward went on to work as a journalist for The Guardian, a daily newspaper in the United Kingdom. He soon joined FiveThirtyEight, an American website that was later rebranded as ESPN.

He gained a lot of prominence by discussing his political views in the FiveThirtyEight podcast. However, she later left the program to join the CNN network in 2018 and worked there as a senior writer and analyst.

According to a survey by Glassdoor, the journalist likely makes over $100,000 per year for his present work at CNN. It wouldn’t be surprising to conclude that his net worth is at least seven figures based on his salary.

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