Who is Gregory Mannarino? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Gregory Mannarino is a well-known stock market specialist and is dubbed “The Robin Hood of Wall Street” for his well-researched capital markets analyses.

Gregory Mannarino achieves this through the videos he posts to his YouTube channel, which peaked in 2021 with 180.000 subscribers.

Gregory Mannarino, The Robin Hood of Wall Street

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The market for storks has long been an exciting and dangerous industry that engages numerous people every day. However, not every player in the game is as knowledgeable as Gregory Mannarino.

First off, Mannarino’s interest in stocks and trading significantly increased when he was 22 years old due to the influence of the film Wall Street.

He followed a career in the stock market as a result of the impact and obtained an entry-level post. Mannarino slowly ascended to the trading floor of the now-defunct Bear Sterns securities and trading company.

In order to inform regular traders and investors about safe trading, Mannarino currently provides his views on stock market analysis and business through his well-known online platforms.

He has become so brilliant over the years thanks to his diligent study of market analysis that he is frequently referred to as “The Robin Hood of Wall Street.”

His Prominence on YouTube

Mannarino upped his game and dove into the research of crypto-currencies as the internet took off. Additionally, his participation in numerous internet venues has greatly increased his exposure as a stock expert.

His main social media outlet is YouTube, where he frequently posts his stock-related videos. Gregory Mannarino is the name of his YouTube channel, which he launched in 2011.

The financial expert currently has 180,000 subscribers and over 51 million views across all of his videos combined.

His informative and analytical capital market films on YouTube have benefited thousands of people, and he now uses his website, Traders Choice, to offer even more comprehensive analysis and tools for market understanding.

Gregory Mannarino’s Expertise and Net Worth

But Mannarino’s knowledge extends beyond Wall Street. He also holds a medical degree and began working as a physician assistant in 1996. After formally leaving the profession, he went on to serve as a lieutenant at the United States Naval Reserve Medical Service Corps.

The Politics of Money and Gregorian Strategy for Multiple Deck Blackjack were both written by a Wagner College graduate, who has worked in a variety of professions.

The full-time stock trader, known for his broad market knowledge, has been interviewed by well-known interviewers like Greg Hunter, Alex Jones, etc.

No wonder the Las Vegas resident is entitled to a sizable net worth from his stock investments given his exceptional market expertise. In addition, according to Social Blade analytics, his YouTube channel contributes to his yearly income in the region of 4.1 thousand to 66.2 thousand dollars.

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