Who is Gok Wan? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Gok Wan, a British fashion expert, is well-known for his television program How to Look Good Naked. But his life was not exactly as it is now. Bullies targeted him when he was a child and weighed a maximum of 294 pounds.

Gok Wan had a strong desire to be an actor, but his negative self-concept caused him to leave his schooling program at the Central School of Speech and Drama. Later, as he continued to work on himself, he created his career. Gok is currently one of the many well-known faces.

Gok Wan Gay, Dating A Partner

Gok Wan, who is 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters) tall, first came out to his family by introducing them to his ex-boyfriend.

Everyone was silent during dinner, and his father left the table early—something he never did—and went into the living room. For him and his partner, his father built a bed over an open fire. Gok thought his father’s silent acceptance was amazing, and they never brought it up again.

Gok has quite a history when it comes to his relationships.

At a Diva magazine party, he was once seen encircling David Hughes with his arms. David, who is his boyfriend, acknowledged their union and accepted it. Gok, who is a somewhat private person, chose to keep his relationship status a secret from the media.

But sometime in 2017, David shared a photo of himself and his partner. Sadly, Gok was not there. His post was evidence that their relationship was over.

Recently, Gok and his “girlfriend” were referenced on Twitter by one of his friends, Angela Rayner. He hasn’t yet made his partner public, therefore their relationship is still a secret.

Even at one point, Gok claimed to have slept with 21 and a half men as well as women throughout his life. Additionally, he disclosed that he lost his virginity to a lad when they were not of legal age to give consent.

Net Worth

At the age of 20, Gok got into fashion and started working as a consultant for celebrities after experiencing numerous ups and downs in his life. Afisa Mir, Clash, Tatler, Glamour, Times Style, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and People were among the publications for which he began writing.

He then began to appear on television and discuss fashion on programs like T4, GMTV, and MTV Shakedown.

How To Look Good Naked on Channel 4 gave Gok his big TV break. He currently presents Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire, the first Northern iteration of the popular television series situated in Ava Rose Hamilton’s hometown of Colne, Lancashire.

The fashion consultant has amassed a net worth of about £1.5 million throughout the course of his career.

Gok Wan Age, Nationality, Family

On September 9, 1974, Kowkhyn Wan, the future Gok Wan, was born. He accepts a blended ethnicity while maintaining his British identity. His mother, Myra, is English, while his father, John Tung Shing Wan, is Chinese, according to information on his family.

Gok was born in Hong Kong and then moved to England when he was six years old. He spent his formative years working at his parents’ eatery in Whetstone, Leicestershire.

He did, however, have a difficult upbringing because he was tormented for being gay, tall, overweight, and of mixed ethnicity. Despite being bullied, he enrolled in the Central School of Speech and Drama because he was passionate about acting.

Gok watched people from many backgrounds while he was there learning, but because of his weight, he felt constrained and unhappy. Eventually, he left the course.

He decided to lose weight after going through a lot. He started a crash diet at the age of 20, and within a few months, he had lost half his weight. In order to avoid gaining weight from the little food he ate, he also took up to 50 laxatives per day.

However, Gok’s diet plan left him lacking in energy, which caused him to experience depression. At that point, he also considered suicide. He confronted his family about his sadness afterward, and under their supervision, he was able to get back to normal.

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