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The judge of the court program The Verdict, Glenda Hatchett, is a single mother of two sons. She divorced her husband a long time ago, but the specifics are still unknown.

Glenda Hatchett tragically lost her daughter-in-law Kira in 2016 due to a postpartum problem in the hospital. The sad incident’s irony was that Kira’s legal battle for justice was fought by the jurist.

What Do We Know About Glenda Hatchett’s Husband?

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The judge was wed to Charles Johnson, but she kept their union very private and never talked about him or the circumstances of their divorce. After her divorce, Hatchett chose not to remarry while her ex-husband dated someone else.

The television judge’s marriage produced Charles S. Johnson IV and Christopher Johnson, two boys. While Charles was married to Kira, who unfortunately passed away hours after giving birth to their second son Langston, Christopher is single.

Hatchett’s Legal Battle For Justice To Kira

Hatchett’s Fight for Justice in the Courts To the daughter-in-law of Kira Hatchett On April 12, 2016, Kira underwent the scheduled C-section procedure in a hospital in Los Angeles. Kira barely had a few hours with her infant after giving birth when she experienced severe abdominal pain and began to look pale. Her internal bleeding caused her to pass away about twelve hours later.

The entire family was in grief after Kira’s untimely passing. Charles, however, Kira’s bereaved husband, made the decision to use the tragedy for good. He filed a medical malpractice case against the hospital because he thought that the lack of attention to her symptoms at the hospital was to blame for her passing.

Hatchett joined her son in this struggle and lifted their voices, addressing the problem on numerous national television and online venues in the hopes that their experience will save the lives of future expectant moms. Hatchett and her son also made an effort to persuade the government to introduce new legislation for a comprehensive investigation of maternal deaths.

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