Who is Gio Urshela? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Fans of Gio Urshela are well aware of his outstanding baseball abilities on the field, but little is known about him outside of that.

Gio Urshela the third baseman for the New York Yankees has maintained a very private personal life and does not enjoy receiving excessive attention. But somehow, information about his relationship has made its way into the media.

Is Gio Urshela Married?

Until this point, Urshela has not been known to have wed, but he is currently seeing Danna Delgado.

His dating status hasn’t been made public on any of his social media accounts, but it was exposed in a New York Post article.

In talking about the COVID infection that put him in quarantine in Columbia, Urshela revealed to the NY Post that his partner, a journalist from Columbia, had contracted the illness at the same time.

There isn’t much information known about the sportsman and his Colombian girlfriend other than the fact that they have finally interacted.

Additionally, Urshela and his girlfriend also have private lives. While Danna keeps her Instagram account private, Urshela typically restricts his social media presence to his career with sporadic updates about his personal life.

Gio’s Past Relationship

Despite his reserved demeanor, Urshela is pleased to acknowledge that he is a father to a son. On his Instagram, he frequently posts glimpses of his kid Thiaguito.

His son seems to be approximately 10 based on his Instagram photos. Despite the fact that Thiaguito frequently used his social media, it is unknown who his son’s mother is.

However, a 2013 post in which he published a photo of his young son may provide some information about the baby’s mother. Urshela tagged Roxanna Crismatt in the post and speculated that she might be the enigmatic mother.

Additionally, Urshela posted a photo of herself and Roxanna on Instagram in 2014. It’s unclear if she was his wife, but it could be a sign that they had been dating at one point.

We are forced to put his private lifestyle together by connecting the dots between his dispersed information.

Returning To Baseball Field?

In accordance with his most recent professional development, Gio won’t be traveling with his club right away. Due to various health difficulties, the player had a difficult ride in 2020 and had to temporarily cancel his game.

In October 2020, he had to have bone chip surgery, so he flew to New York. Fortunately, the operation went well. However, Urshela tested positive for COVID in Columbia when he was recuperating after the operation.

He managed to recover quickly from the COVID infection, but the bone spur damage for which he underwent surgery may have temporarily prevented his comeback.

The Yankees’ manager acknowledged that Urshela wouldn’t take part in the team’s current road trip, as CBS reported. And following a complete recovery, he is anticipated to return.

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