Who is Gino Brogdon? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

One of the top attorneys in the nation is Mitchell Gino Brogdon, better known as Gino Brogdon, an American judge, and TV personality.

Despite Gino Brogdon professional success, he has experienced his fair share of ups and downs in his personal life, from being the proud father of two lawyer kids and an athlete to a failed marriage to the lady he loved very much.

Is Judge Gino Brogdon Married?

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The previous chair of the psychology department at Morehouse College and holder of a Ph.D. in psychology from Indiana University Bloomington, Jann Adams, was married to Judge Brogdon.

The family of Judge Gino Brogdon, Jann Adams, Gino Brogdon Jr. and his wife, John Brogdon, and Malcolm Brogdon are all visible in the photo.

Despite their best efforts to stay together forever, their relationship drastically changed in 2003. The couple divorced when their youngest kid was 11 years old, keeping the details of their separation private, exactly like the day they were married.

Throughout their partnership, the couple gave birth to three boys: Gino Brogdon Jr., John Brogdon, and Malcolm Brogdon. Like their parents, all three sons are successful in their different fields of work.

Brogdon’s Children

Gino Jr. and John have also pursued legal careers in the same way as their father, while Malcolm, his youngest son, plays professional basketball for the Indiana Pacers.

Gino Jr. is a Harvard Law School, University of Georgia School of Law, and Morehouse College graduate.

Gino Jr. has been working in the legal field since 2011, and he has previously worked as an attorney for The Cochran Firm Atlanta and Brogdon Champion. He currently works as a Senior Neutral at Miles Mediation and Arbitration and is connected to The Brogdon Firm, FourthParty, and Miles Mediation and Arbitration.

John also holds a law degree from Howard University. He began working for Fulton Country State Court as a law clerk in 2015, and later held positions as an Assistant Solicitor and a Judicial Law Clerk.

He started working with the City of Atlanta as an Associate Attorney back in 2019.

Malcolm, unlike his two older brothers, decided to pursue a career in sports, and as a consequence of his hard work and commitment, he is currently a well-known NBA basketball player with the Indiana Pacers. He did, however, pursue his education and earned a Master’s degree in public policy.

Malcolm and his siblings had to suffer through their parent’s divorce when they were very young, but Jann and Brogdon were still able to nurture their sons well and had a close relationship with them. When discussing the divorce of his parents, Malcolm said,

Sincerely, my two older brothers also played a significant role in my upbringing. The divorce was difficult, especially for a young child, but we managed to stay together as a family. It was one of the first times in my life that I had to face significant hardship and overcome it.

Juge Brogdon’s Career Achievements and Net Worth

Judge Brogdon, an alumnus of Oberlin College and the Indiana University School of Law, has had a significant influence not just on his children but also on many others through his judicial work.

He has settled many situations involving the pursuit of justice, from disagreements involving common people to well-known public figures.

Despite having a phenomenally successful career, the sought-after judge has gained enormous publicity since appearing on television in 2019 as the host of the American reality court shows Personal Injury Court, which ran until February 26, 2020.

Brogdon resolved multiple cases involving personal injuries throughout the program. He continues to pursue his interest and is now employed at Henning Meditation, where he handles a select number of cases, even after the show’s finale in 2020.

This respected judge is entitled to a sizable net worth given his intelligence and decades of experience in his line of work, with a reported annual income of over $60,000.00.

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