Who is Forrest Galante? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

The Wildlife Biologist and ardent conservationist Forrest Galante are most known for his time as the host of the Animal Planet program Extinct or Alive. In the program, he goes in search of creatures that were once thought to be extinct.

He seeks proof that the species that have been proclaimed extinct might still exist using his special set of skills. Since he and his photographer came up with the concept for the docuseries in 2018, he has started the adventure.

Forrest Galante: Early Life, Age, Wiki, Parents, Ethnicity

On March 31, 1988, Forrest Galante was born in California, America. He relocated to Harare, Zimbabwe, during the first few months.

He was raised on a farm that produced high-end alstroemeria flowers, and a variety of fruits, and housed countless livestock and exotic animals from Africa.

His hobbies of choice included rearing guinea pigs, capturing snakes, and fishing in the dam since he was fascinated by nature.

Forrest was certain that he would ultimately work with wildlife. He became the youngest person to ever direct a global canoe safari down the Zambezi River by the time he was 14 years old.

One of the first female safari guides and bush pilots in Africa belongs to Forrest Galante’s family. Similar to how his grandpa Gerald Summerfield, who Forrest cites as a key inspiration, was an Englishman who landed in southern Africa at a time when the continent was still largely uncharted. Gerald contributed to the discovery that the coelacanth, a fish long thought to be extinct, was actually still alive.

The Galante family, who operated a safari company, faced hardship in 2001 when unexpected political unrest in Zimbabwe resulted in the seizure of their farm. They were each given a suitcase and a few hundred bucks as they were forcibly removed from their home in the middle of the night.

They relocated to Santa Barbara once more after returning to a small village called Cayucos in California.

Married To Wife?

Forrest Galante, the host of Extinct or Alive, is wed to Jessica Evans.

In the presence of stingrays and sharks, he and Jessica exchanged vows in June 2015 during a five-day celebration on Stocking Island in the Bahamas.

The fact that the island was the first location the couple had ever visited together was one of the main reasons they decided to have their wedding there.

Forrest’s high school girlfriend just so happens to be the science instructor Jessica. The couple currently resides in Santa Barbara, California, together.

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