Who is Fatih Seferagic? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

An American human rights activist named Fatih Seferagic is well-known for reciting the Quran, a skill that his parents taught him.

Fatih Seferagic devotion to the Quran made him a social media star with more than a million followers, and it also helped him find his wife.

How Quran Led Fatih Seferagic to His Wife?

When Fatih uploaded a video of himself reading the Quran to YouTube for the first time in 2013, viewers immediately took notice of his beautiful recitation.

His wife, Ayat Youssef, was one of his many online admirers as he quickly rose to fame as an internet celebrity.

The two originally encountered each other on Instagram, which is where their love journey began. It was right after Fatih became popular online and started to amass a larger fan base.

We sort of connected on Instagram. We first communicated since I have been a fan of his since 2014 and he followed me on his private account.

Speaking of their love story, Ayat said.

The couple eventually met in person in Houston, Texas, in 2017 and hit it off right away.

After a brief courtship, they got married in 2018 and have been together since then.

Fatih’s Past Relationship

The union of Fatih and Ayat is not his first. Previously, he was wed to Safiyya Kara.

In 2013, Fatih publicly announced the dissolution of his marriage to his first wife. He stated that their growing differences in temperament were the cause of their separation. Fatih penned:

“We have chosen to part ways because we are growing apart and are different people by nature. Even if we may not comprehend why certain things happen, Allah is the best planner and He is aware of their causes.

Fatih’s Parents & Personal Details

Although Fatih keeps his love life secret, he frequently posts about his parents and other family members on social media.

When Fatih was just four years old, his family left Bosnia due to the continuous conflict. When Fatih was 14 years old, the family eventually moved to Houston, Texas.

When Fatih was young, he started learning the Quran and was heavily affected by it.

When he was thirteen and had completed the Quran memorization seminary program at the Islamic Society.

Further, as of 2021, Fatih had 1.9 million Instagram followers and 778 thousand YouTube subscribers.

Fitah is currently a Quran teacher in America and oversees initiatives for young people who desire to learn and memorize the holy book as part of his ongoing commitment to the Quran and to conveying the message of Allah.

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