Who is Erin Ryder? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

One of the most adaptable and promising figures in the field of travel and adventure is Erin Ryder, commonly known by her last name. She gained notoriety as the co-host of the paranormal/reality television programs Destination Truth on SYFY, Chasing UFOs on National Geographic, and Myth Explorer on Universal Studios’ website.

She currently works with JAMAA Productions, a firm based in the Greater Los Angeles Area that specializes in making “unforgettable” film, TV, digital, and commercial sports content, as a partner and executive producer. Since July 2017, she has been on the job.

Erin Ryder: Early Life, Age, Wiki, Parents, Ethnicity

The United States’ Erin Ryder was born in New York on August 14, 1980. She included her family members Caitlin Ryder, Chris Ryder, Gail Ryder, and Courtney Ryder, among others when she said on her Instagram that she came from an especially large family. A family photo’s caption read:

Families come in a variety of forms and sizes; mine just so happens to be exceptionally huge. Despite the distance between us, I always have them in my heart and mind when we are away. Even though I didn’t spend Thanksgiving with Motley Crue, I am incredibly grateful for them.

Her mother and her father, a professor of archaeology, have been wed since June 23rd, 1979.

Erin is currently residing in Los Angeles where she enjoys the outdoors, takes pictures, and plans her next significant adventure.

Erin Ryder In “Destination Truth”

Erin Ryder joined the Destination Truth crew constantly from season two to season five. She is a natural-born explorer.

Josh Gates is married and has a child with his wife. He also has a wife and is worth a lot of money.

Audiences have seen her in action not only as a co-executive producer but also as a researcher and field investigator. She visited more than forty nations during the course of the journey, aiming for more difficult and exciting adventures with each success.


Josh Gates, the co-executive producer of Destination Truth, and Erin Ryder were said to be dating. Later, on April 11, 2019, Erin addressed the claims on Twitter by stating that Josh is married to a stunning mother of two.

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