Who Is Erika Jayne’s Son Tommy Zizzo? His Relationship With His Father

Tommy Zizzo (aka Tommy Zizzo Jr.) is a police officer by trade, but he rose to popularity as the son of singer Erika Jayne, an experienced reality TV star.

His father’s name is Thomas Zizzo, and he prefers to keep out of the spotlight. Tommy Zizzo, like his super-secret father, has avoided any public attention. When asked why Erika’s son wants privacy, the “Expensive” singer explained that it is due to his job as a cop.

Furthermore, Zizzo has a close relationship with his mother but remains silent about his relationship with his father. Tommy’s parents married in the early 1990s and divorced when he was a child.

Here are a few more unknown details regarding Erika Jayne’s son. Let us take a look!

Tommy Zizzo: Who Is He? His Professional Life

He works as a police officer. Erika, his mother, told Romper that her son was always intended to work in police enforcement. She also called the work a “hazardous occupation.”

“It’s a hazardous occupation. “That’s all he’s ever wanted, and that’s kind of your responsibility as a parent, to honor who your children truly are,” I’ve known my son would be in law enforcement since he could walk and talk.

AD Zizzo is now assigned to the Los Angeles area.

Moreover, his mother Erika is one of the most successful television celebrities. She rose to prominence after appearing in NBC’s legal drama, Law & Order.

Erika gave birth to Tommy at the age of 20; learn about his relationship with his father.

Erika Jayne and her first husband, Thomas Zizzo, had their first and only kid, Tommy, when she was 20 years old. Erika, his single mother, reared him in Los Angeles after he was born in Manhattan. He will be 30 in 2022.

Jayne uploaded a childhood photo of her kid in September 2020 and said,

“I took this photo years ago on New Year’s Day in Tanzania. This was one of our favorite trips. Show your children the world by traveling with them.”

Moving on to his parents’ love lives, they divorced barely a few years after his birth. Erika met her first husband, Thomas, at a China Club in Manhattan. The former couple quickly established a romantic relationship and dated for over a year before marrying. They married in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in December 1991.

Jayne’s marriage to Zizzo, on the other hand, did not last long, and they divorced after only a few years of marriage. Tommy’s relationship with his father has remained a mystery since their divorce. The father-and-son team has yet to make a single public appearance together.

Tommy graduated from the LAPD Academy.

He graduated from the Los Angeles Police Academy in late 2014. On November 10th of this year, the Jersey City Police Activity League congratulated him on his graduation from the LAPD on their Twitter account. They stated,

“Congratulations to Tommy Zizzo, a former JCPAL explorer who graduated from L.A.P.D. Academy #seetheman.”

Before joining the United States Police Force, Zizzo worked as an explorer in Jersey City.

Ethnic Origins

When it comes to his ethnicity, Tommy is Caucasian and of American descent.

Tommy is afraid of the camera.

Even though he is Erika’s son, he prefers to live his life away from the spotlight. His mother, Erika, respects his privacy and agrees with her son’s decision to avoid the media. As she previously stated,

“It’s not strange that people are interested in him. I’m sure they’re fascinated because this is the only thing they see. However, I am a mother. My son lives with me. He is a police officer and will not appear on camera.”

In an interview with Megyn Kelly in 2018, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actress claimed that Tommy does not want to appear on any TV series with her, including RHOBH.

“Believe it or not, not everyone wants to be on TV. I realize that sounds weird. But he works in a risky field and wishes obscurity as much as possible, and I agree.”

He enjoys spending time at home with his mother.

In contrast to his enigmatic relationship with his father, Zizzo has a close bond with his mother. Zizzo enjoys spending more time at home when he is not on duty, according to his artist mother. Erika, his mother, feels lucky that her son, despite being a busy police officer, gets to spend time with his family. She stated on Bravo TV,

“Tom is busy and travels frequently. I travel frequently, and my son is extremely busy. That’s nice. We have a large house, so having him around is convenient. I’m concerned for my son, as I’m sure everyone who has a family member in police enforcement or the military is, OK?

It’s good to hear him return. It’s lovely to hear him leave work and see his car in the driveway or hear his stroll up the stairs.”

Tommy Zizzo Mishap

Erika said that her ex-husband Girardi was hurt during a home invasion in September 2021, during his mother’s ongoing divorce from her second spouse Thomas. She stated that Tom had eye surgery as a result of his encounter with a burglar during their Pasadena mansion invasion.

Erika said that her son, Tommy, hurried to their house after hearing about the incident. Unfortunately, Zizzo was in a car accident while driving home, flipping his car five times. However, there has been no word on whether or not Zizzo has been harmed.

His Net Worth Information

Tommy’s net worth is $500,000 in 2022. As a police officer, he is paid between $51k and $68k per year. Meanwhile, his adoring mother Erika is said to be worth $5 million.

They used to live in Erika’s ex-husband Thomas Girardi’s Pasadena mansion, but since their divorce in late 2020, the mother and son have reportedly moved to a smaller home in Los Angeles for roughly $1.5 million.

Tommy Zizzo, is he married?

Tommy, as previously said, is a private individual. The same could be said about his romantic life. To yet, the 30-year-old young police officer has not disclosed his relationship. As a result, it is now unclear if Tommy is married or not.

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