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Many visitors visit Alaska each year to test their mettle against the harshest elements of the environment and take in the breathtaking scenery. It is difficult for individuals who want to live a subsistence existence, nevertheless. Alaska has genuine difficulties, but Erik is pursuing his ambition. Professional hunter Erik Salitan, a licensed guide in Alaska, thrives in the state’s wilderness.

Erik Salitan gained notoriety for his and his wife’s appearances in the National Geographic documentary series Life Below Zero. He runs his own hunting and guiding company off-screen. He goes hunting, fly-fishing, and trapping in the Alaskan wilderness off-season.

TV Shows: Life Below Zero

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Life Below Erik Salitan, who is from Wiseman, Alaska, and his wife made their television debut in the first season’s 2013 National Geographic Channel premiere. At the age of 18, he first relocated to Alaska in an effort to escape the monotony of a factory job.

He was depicted in the program only consuming meat that he had hunted and gathered and only using firewood that he had himself chopped from nearby trees to heat his home. Before departing the program in 2016, they made intermittent appearances throughout the following few seasons. Also unknown is whether Erik and his wife would soon make a comeback on the program.

Erik is now the owner and operator of Bushwhack Alaska Guiding and Outfitting after turning his idea into a successful business. In 2018, Erik divided his time between the Alaska Peninsula and his home in Wiseman, Alaska.

Married To Wife

Martha is Erik’s wife. Lucas, the son of the marriage, is a student in Alaska. They decided to stop watching Life Below Zero in addition to spending time with their son.

Erik and his wife, on the other hand, also run the Talarik Creek Lodge, a cabin that gives visitors a beautiful view of Lake Iliamna in the heart of Alaska.

Wife Martha

Martha, Erik’s wife, is an Illiamna native who has lived in Alaska her entire life. She has spent her entire life working in her mother and father’s fishing lodge as a second-generation sport fisherwoman. In addition, Martha had extensive knowledge of the region, the lake, and all of its tributaries.

In addition, she works full-time as a mother and is responsible for managing her husband and all the other guides.

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