Who is Emma Lahana? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Emma Lahana is an actress and singer who is best recognized for playing chirpy and fearless characters. The woman who proudly wears the ideal measurements of 34-23.5-34 inches has made appearances in a number of Disney productions.

Emma first tried out for the part of Erin Kingston in the popular New Zealand TV drama Shortland Street, which she portrayed for two seasons.

Emma pursued her singing career concurrently with her acting career while appearing in musical productions for ACMT. She later portrayed the lead in the Disney film You Wish! and the Yellow Ranger in Power Ranger DinoThunder.

Emma has additionally made appearances in a number of TV shows, including The L Word, Hellcats, Supernatural, Shortland Street, and others.

Emma Lahana Married To Husband / Boyfriend?

Peter Hammarstedt, the captain of the M/Y Bob Barker, and Emma once dated. Emma’s boyfriend is a ship captain as well as the Chairman of Sea Shepherd Australia and the Director of Ship Operations for Sea Shepherd Global.

Emma and her partner have very different jobs, yet their sweet romance shows that they value each other’s personalities and professions equally. Their partnership serves as a model for those whose differences in interests lead them to decide to separate.

Emma and Peter continue to exchange pictures from their fun occasions. The pair not only spends their holidays together but also shares their professional successes.

Some people might be curious about how the pair met despite having very diverse work histories. But what ties them together is their line of work. Peter has made appearances in a number of documentaries and TV shows about marine life, such as Ocean Warriors, Let Us Be Heroes, Whale Wars, and many others.

Therefore, even though the pair haven’t discussed their dating history, it is assumed that their shared love of television helped bring them together.

Like in the past, Emma and Peter have kept their future goals a secret.

They have undoubtedly made their followers hungry to see them as husband and wife thanks to their celebrity status. Ideally, Emma and Peter will take their great union one step further and wed.

Bio: Age, Family

Emma Kate Lahana, a well-known television actress who was born on June 27, 1984, is currently 35 years old. The Auckland, New Zealand native is 5 feet 112 inches tall (1.56 meters).

Emma’s family gave her acting profession a lot of encouragement. Emma has always performed in the arts, and her parents have always supported her in this.

She used to dance in ballet, jazz, tap, and modern forms; dancing was her main artistic interest.

Emma’s current persona so owes a lot to her family’s encouragement and support of her artistic aspirations.

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