Who is Eija Skarsgard? Her Bio, Parents, Career, Marriage, Net Worth

Who is Eija Skarsgard?

The actor Stellan Skarsgard and actress My Skarsgard’s daughter is named Eija Skarsgard. Stellan is a well-known Hollywood actor best recognized for his parts in Mama Mia, Chernobyl, and Good Will Hunting, among other films. While My has been in several Swedish movies.

Eija gained fame as a model in addition to being the child of well-known parents. She enjoyed being in front of the camera as a model, but she quickly gave up modeling. Eija is in her late 20s and currently has a happy marriage.

Relationship Details, Eija Skarsgard is Married?

Eija Skarsgard and Zeke Tastas have been blissfully married since 2021. She hasn’t given the public much information about her relationship with the man. However, she routinely posts pictures of them together on her social media.

Zeke and Eija wed on August 24, 2019. Eija celebrated the couple’s first wedding anniversary by posting a charming black-and-white photo of them to her social media accounts. She captioned the photo in Swedish with the phrase “Celebrating a year of getting married today” and a red heart emoji.

We discovered that Eija and Zeke began dating on February 11, 2015, through her Instagram post. She took a charming black and white snapshot on the day in 2019 when she celebrated her four years with Zeke. It appears that the couple began dating after initially meeting more than three years prior.

On December 17, 2018, exactly six years after they first met, Zeke proposed to his then-girlfriend Eija, asking her to marry him. Eija and Zeke have been married for almost two years, yet despite their long relationship and marriage, they have never had a child. Additionally, they haven’t disclosed that they intend to become parents soon. We can therefore confidently say that the couple will become parents shortly.

Quick facts about Eija Skarsgard

Age (As in 2022) 29 years old
Date of Birth 27 February 1992
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Birth Place Stockholm, Sweden
Nationality Swedish
Ethnicity Swedish

Eija Skarsgard: Early Life, Age, Wiki, Parents, Ethnicity

On February 27, 1992, in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, Eija was born. As of now, she is 30 years old. The actresses Stellan and My Skarsgard had six children together. She is one among them. Their marriage lasted from 1985 till 2007.

According to sources, she and her five siblings were raised in a creatively supportive environment.

Brothers Alexander, Gustaf, Sam, Bill, and Valter Skarsgard are siblings of Eija. Due to her parents’ busy schedules, she spent the most of her childhood days with her brothers. Eija enjoyed playing video games and watching action and horror films while growing up with her older brothers.

Additionally, Eija has two half-siblings from her father’s 2009 marriage to Megan Everett, with whom he had a second marriage. Kolbjorn Skarsgard and Ossian are her two half-brothers.

Four of Eija’s five brothers have pursued acting careers, despite the fact that Eija has not expressed any interest in the field. Famous Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard is her older brother. He is well known for playing Brad “Iceman” Colbert in the Generation Kill miniseries.

Gustaf, Eija’s second-oldest sibling, is most known for playing Floki the boatbuilder in the Vikings series. He is also well known for appearing in the movies Evil, The Way Back, and Kon-Tiki, among others. Bill Skarsgard, another of her older brothers, rose to stardom as an actor after portraying Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the 2017 horror films It and It Chapter Two. Valter Skarsgard, Eija’s younger brother, has also expressed an interest in acting. On Twitch, he broadcasts video games live. Valter hasn’t had much success as an actor, in contrast to his older brothers.

Education, Schooling, University

There is no information about her education and schooling.

Professional Career, (Celebrity Daughter)

When a modeling agency found her, she was just 14 years old. Her father portrayed Bootstrap in the film’s premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean. She caught the attention of Bill Turner, the agency’s manager. The modeling agency quickly offered her a job, which Eija eagerly accepted. Eija’s modeling career began in this manner.

Skarsgard had a significant increase in her level of activity after making her modeling debut. She participated in several projects, some of which featured her on magazine covers and in advertising. Sadly, she gave up modeling at the age of 18 and claimed she no longer enjoyed it. The former model continued to claim that a different reason actually motivated her choice to give up modeling in more subsequent interviews. She claimed that the constant pressure to slim down discouraged her from remaining a model.

The Famous People reports that the former model is currently working as the manager of Vardagsrummet, a nightclub in Stureplan, Stockholm. About her present work activities, there is either very little or no additional information.

Eija previously expressed a dislike for acting. She claimed that there were already too many members of her family working in the entertainment industry for her to consider going into acting.

Net Worth, Salary, Assets

Even though we are aware that she has been a nightclub manager for a while, we don’t know how much money she makes from the position. In addition, we don’t know how much money she earned throughout her brief modeling career. Therefore, as of right now, we can only conclude that she has made enough money to support a celebrity lifestyle.

However, when it comes to her father, Stellan Skarsgard, his stunning net worth as of 2021 was $50 million.

Rumors and Controversy

Talking about her rumors and controversy, she has not been in any part of rumors as well as controversy to date.

What is the Height of Eija Skarsgard? Weight, Full Body Stats

Skarsgard stands 1.79 meters tall (5 feet and 9 inches). Information regarding Eija’s weight and other physical characteristics is currently unavailable. Eija also has gorgeous blue eyes and lustrous brown hair.

Social Media Accounts

Social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram are used by Eija. Skarsgard has amassed approximately 968 followers and 16k followers on her Instagram account, @eijalo. Eija has made about 1011 posts so far.

Eija has about 1.8k followers on Facebook. Eija has followed roughly 35 people so far. Eija doesn’t have a Twitter account of her own.

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