Who is Dr. Jackie Walters? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Many have been astonished by Dr. Jackie Walters’ tenacity. She endured numerous traumatic situations, from heartbreaks to twice defeating cancer, yet she never allowed her faith to falter. She embarked on a mission to encourage healthy living and raise awareness of heart illnesses among women.

Dr. Jackie Walters opened a private practice after graduating and joined forces with Atlanta’s Northside Hospital. For 18 years, Jackie maintained a private practice and had high-profile clients like American singer Usher and rapper T.I. of the Braxton family. She also added the women’s wellness program Fit Is the New It to the mix. She also started the 50 Shades of Pink Foundation, a group dedicated to enhancing the inner and exterior attractiveness of survivors, in 2013.

Jackie appeared on the program Married to Medicine as part of her broadening interests. She gained a ton of popularity and fame thanks to the show.

Jackie Walters Biography, Birthday, & Age

According to Jackie Walters’ biography, she was born in 1958. Every 27 July, she extinguishes her birthday candles. In Port Gibson, Mississippi, she spent her formative years. She is an Afro-American who is 60 years old and possesses American citizenship.

When it comes to her schooling, Jackie earned her medical degree from the University of Mississippi and Alcorn State University. She also finished her residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Mercer University and the Medical Center of Central Georgia.

Married, Husband & Divorce

Jackie Walters got married to Curtis Berry when she was 38 years old. Curtis is a former professional basketball player who is 6 feet 8 inches tall (2.07 meters). Jackie became pregnant a year after getting married. She had no idea that her joy would soon crumble.

She soon discovered that she had breast cancer, which undoubtedly caused her to lose the pregnancy. She was told by the physicians that she would never become pregnant. Along with her struggle with breast cancer, she also had to deal with the pain of being unable to have children. And Jackie’s husband supported her during the difficult time.

But her married life was not what everyone had imagined. Jackie discovered on a blog that he had been cheating on her. Unexpectedly, she maintained her composure and handled the situation well. Jackie filed for divorce three days after learning the truth, but she took her time. After all, he was someone she cherished deeply and who stood by her side during her battle with cancer.

In order to preserve their marriage, Jackie made the decision to give her husband another chance. After that, it might have been difficult for Jackie and her husband to be together, but they weren’t willing to give up.

Jackie, who had a pure heart, even welcomed Kursten Berry, her husband’s daughter. She treats Kursten as if she were her own kid and frequently posts pictures of her online.

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