Who is David Rudisha? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Relationship, Wife

Who is David Rudisha?

No other nation has produced better lap runners than Kenya. One of them is David Rudisha, one of the greatest 800-meter runners in history.
David Rudisha is also one of the best track athletes in the world. He is well-known for being an athletic competitor and a middle-distance runner.
One of the runner’s most notable achievements is the gold medal he won in the 800-meter race at the 2012 Summer Olympics.
He captures the gold medal in the 800-meter race at the 2011 World Championship. As a result, when it comes to the 800m race, David Rudisha is the quickest person on the planet.
After setting the world record of 1:40:91 in the London Olympics, the gold medalist gained notoriety.
Nobody has been able to surpass the record since it was set, thus it continues to stand. In numerous 800m competitions throughout various tournaments, he has taken home gold medals.
Furthermore, you have come to the proper place if you want to find out more about his personal and professional life.
Here are some basic facts about the athlete that you might find interesting before delving into his biography in more detail.

Relationship Details, David Rudisha Bio is Married?

David is a happily married man, as one might imagine. The Kenyan-born man and his longtime fiancée Lizzy Naanyu exchanged wedding vows.
The wedding ceremony for the pair took place in a private setting in 2010. The couple welcomed their daughter Charlene not long after being married.
In addition, the couple had a second daughter a few days after his victory at the 2015 World Championships in Beijing.

David Rudisha’s family, including his wife.

Nevertheless, despite their four years of marriage, David was charged with infidelity in 2014. There was a notion that the sportsperson was having an affair with Samantha Tangui, David’s pacesetter’s niece.
In addition, several publications claimed that the two have been having an affair for over three years. In a news conference, Lizzy denied the rumors, calling them untrue.
Additionally, a 2014 altercation between David and his wife reportedly resulted in an injury. David, however, refuted every rumor.
I even had keyhole surgery after an ultrasound indicated that I had an injury deep in the center of my knee and not that I had been harmed in a domestic dispute. My injuries are real from the sport and hard training.

Coach David Rudisha

Colm O’Connell, a well-known trainer who was born in rural Ireland, served as David’s previous instructor. In addition, the coach lacked any prior coaching or directing experience in Kenya.
Colm has also worked with around 25 athletes, including David Rudisha. He said during one of his interviews,
Then he discussed the value of the relationship between the coach and the player.
“I saw sports as a means of reaching out to young people. You may influence their life after you establish a connection with them through sport because they open up to you. They are confident in you. They consider you a buddy.
O’Connell added that David is the most exceptional athlete in his interview with the Financial Times.

Quick facts about David Rudisha Bio

Name David Rudisha
Full name David Lekuta Rudisha
Date of Birth December 17, 1988
Age 33 years old (as of July 2021)
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Birthplace Kilgoris, Kenya

David Rudisha Bio: Early Life, Age, Wiki, Parents, Ethnicity

Maasai Warrior David was born in Kilgoris, Kenya, on December 17, 1988. He is a member of the Kenyan Maasai ethnic group.
It is therefore thought that he learned how to run from his parents. David Rudisha was born to their mother Naomi Rudisha and their father Daniel Rudisha, a professional runner.
Daniel also took home a silver medal from the 1968 Olympics. Additionally, he competed for the 4400 m relay team.
His mother is a former 400-meter hurdler, just like his father was. In terms of his nationality, Rudisha is from Kenya.
David further went to St. Patrick’s High School in Iten, Kenya. His alma mater is notable in its own right because Wilson Kipketer went there as well.
Wilson is a retired athlete and a former 800m world record holder.


David, an Olympic champion, played a variety of sports, including running and sprinting. He received his instruction from Japheth Kimutai, who later recommended him to James Templeton.
As a result, David was one of the runners that Templeton was in charge of. Athletes like Bernard Lagat, Kimutai, and Augustine Choge once made up the team.
David started as a 400-meter runner. Colm O’Connel, an Irishman who was his coach, suggested that he try the 800 meters.
As a result, David Rudisha quickly attained the title of junior world champion after years of training and adversity.

Education, Schooling, University

There is no information about his education and schooling.

Professional Career, (lap runners)

In 2005, David’s career as a professional athlete officially began. He was also being mentored by Brolm O’Connell at this time.
He worked as an Irish missionary and geography teacher at St. Patrick’s Iten School.
Soon after his trial in the 800m, David ran a two-lap race on a dirt track in 1.49.6 seconds. For a 15-year-old, it was thought to be a tremendous performance.
Furthermore, David won the 800m divisional world junior title in 2006.
Moreover, between 2010 and 2012, he was at his best and injury-free. David established a legacy in the 800m during this time.
David Rudisha attended the Berlin IAAF.
At age 21, David also made history by being the IAAF World Athlete of the Year’s youngest winner.
In addition, on August 22, 2010, he beat the 800m World Record set by his predecessor Wilson Kipketer. During an incident at the ISTAF summit in Berlin, the record was harmed.
During this time, David Rudisha was at the top of his game and dominated many races.
In addition, he delivered a standout performance at the 2012 Olympics. Without the aid of a pacemaker, he outran his rivals and broke the previous record.

Africa’s Best Runner

One of the competition’s top performances was Rudisha’s at the 2016 Olympics.
Following his success, David went on to win the Olympic gold in Rio de Janeiro four years later, making him the first runner to do it since Peter Snell 50 years prior.
David ceased participating in 2018, despite his great accomplishment and lasting reputation. A bone issue was the reason for his brief hiatus from the sport.
Nevertheless, David Rudisha aspires to capture his third Olympic gold medal with the help of professional coaching and consistent preparation.
The following is a rundown of his career’s worth of professional accomplishments:
  • Following his victory at the IAAD Grand Prix competition in Rieti, Italy, he set a new African record of 1:42.01.
  • At the 2010 IAAF Diamond League competition, David broke Sebastian Coe’s 32-year-old record with a time of 1:42.04.
  • On July 10, 2010, at the KBC Night of Athletics in Heusden, Belgium, Rudisha completed the 800-meter race in 1:41.51.
  • On August 22, 2010, during the ISATF conference in Berlin, he ran a time of 1:41.09 to break Wilson Kipketer’s 800m World Record.
  • David won the IAAF World Athlete of the Year title in November 2010 at the age of 21, making him the youngest athlete to do so.
  • In 2012 at Icahn Stadium in New York City, he ran the 800 meters in 1:41.74, breaking the American all-comers record.
  • On August 9, 2012, David set a new record for the 800m in the London 2012 Olympics.
  • David won the 800m race in 1:43.58 at the New York IAAF Diamond League competition in June 2015.
  • At the 2016 Summer Olympics, David also successfully defended his Olympic championship with a time of 1:42.15.

both sets and shatter his records

David, one of the swiftest people alive, surpassed his 2010 record. He timed the first 200 meters in 23.4 seconds and the second in 25.88 seconds.
The crucial 25.02 seconds for the third and 26.61 seconds were also designed by him.
His performance was noted for not using pacemakers, which are prohibited in important competitions like the Olympics.
Alberto Juantorena was the last athlete to break a World Record and take first place in the Olympic 800m competition in 1976.
In addition, David made Olympic history by becoming the first athlete to win an 800m race in that distance.
For more than 17 years, 80-meter world record holder Sebastian Coe said,
It was the overall performance of the Games, not only track & field.
Bolt was excellent, but Rudisha was outstanding. That is a bold statement, but that was undoubtedly the most incredible running I have ever witnessed.
Having “clocked a remarkable 1:42.12 minutes at high altitude in Nairobi during the Kenyan Olympic trials,” Rudisha was in good shape going into the event. The race was beautiful and easy, he had commented afterward.

Highlights and Accomplishments

The list of medals won by David Rudisha during his career is as follows:
  • gold medal in the world junior championships (2006)
  • Golden Intercontinental Cup trophy (2010) 800 m diamond league champion overall (2010)
  • Gold medal in the African Junior Championships (2007)
  • golds medal at the world championship (2011)
  • gold medal from the African championship (2010)
  • 800 m diamond league champion overall (2011)
  • silver medal from the Commonwealth Games (2014)
  • Golden Olympic medal (2012)
  • gold medal from the world championships (2015)
  • Golden Olympic medal (2016)

David Rudisha | Auto Mishap

On August 24, 2019, David was involved in an automobile accident when his vehicle collided with a bus close to Keroka, Kenya.
The athlete was taken to a local hospital for treatment after the collision. The doctor reported that David was well and had only sustained minor wounds a few hours later.

Net Worth, Salary, Assets

David amassed a sizable wealth as a successful athlete throughout his career.
He is thought to be worth $5 million. Sport, including his participation in the Olympic Games and the World Athletics Championship, is David’s main source of income.

Rumors and Controversy

Talking about his rumors and controversy, he has not been in any part of rumors as well as controversy to date.

What is the Height of David Rudisha Bio? Weight, Full Body Status

David is a formidable opponent. He is 33 years old right now.
Despite his advanced age, he has managed to preserve his reputation in the relevant sport.
David has won multiple Olympic Gold medals for Kenya, making him well-known among young African sportsmen.
He is currently 6 feet and 3 inches tall and weighs about 76 kg. In addition, he continues to adhere to a strict diet and exercise schedule to keep himself physically fit.


David Rudisha’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius, according to astrology. In addition, he possesses a resourceful and courageous mentality due to being a Sagittarius.

Exercise Routine

David Rudisha has been active on the field with the workouts since his early years. To keep his form, he stretches a lot every day.
He also has a set agenda for the entire week. David spends most of Mondays jogging, running, stretching, and doing core workouts. He works out for the track on Tuesdays.
The same goes for Wednesday, when he practices plyometrics, stretching, and running. In addition, he runs hard on Thursday and jogs, stretches, and drills on Friday.
Last but not least, David engages in endurance-based track training on Saturdays. Sundays are entirely a day of rest.

Food menu

David Rudisha does not endorse any protein drinks or supplements. He eats various types of pasta, steak, poultry, spinach, and other straightforward veggies.
He also maintains a healthy diet with little junk food and processed food. His diet consists of a carefully balanced combination of proteins, carbohydrates, and veggies.

Social Media Accounts

David is active on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. He currently has 88k Instagram followers in total.