Who is Dan Short? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

The American entrepreneur Dan Short, who is renowned for his amazing work at FantomWorks, is a family man who has been content with his marriage for more than 20 years. The happy father is constantly out and about with his family, spending quality time with them despite having a busy schedule between the popular television series and his business enterprise.

A Look into Dan Short’s Family

Dan Short is married to Melissa Martel Short, whom he met while attending graduate school for the military. Zman Short, one of the two couple’s sons, was born.

We can see from Short’s wife’s social media handle how well-bonded the small family of three is. Despite being a well-known figure, Short does not maintain an active social media account for his personal life. and uses his Twitter account only for business announcements.

However, Melissa makes sure to share brief snippets of their family experiences with his Instagram followers.

On December 12, 2018, Melissa posted a picture of the pair dining out with their pals in honor of their 19th wedding anniversary. Several of their well-wishers responded to the post by wishing them a happy birthday on this special day.

Short is fortunate to have a supportive wife who stands by him both personally and professionally. His professional success might have also been influenced by her never-ending encouragement and inspiration.

Additionally, Melissa and Short frequently appear together at professional events. For instance, Melissa’s tweet on January 31, 2019, makes it appear as though the two won the ACT Conference Awards together.

The pair have been together for a while, and they still have a wonderful relationship. They also appear content with their sole child, Zman. Melissa commented on her Instagram on August 24, 2019, to wish her son a happy 16th birthday.

Happy Sweet Sixteen to this intelligent, charming young man. He makes me smile and brings joy to my heart because he is the only one who calls me Mom. I’m very grateful that God gave us him! More than you can imagine, Zman, I love you.

The 17-year-old has since received his diploma from Norfolk Christian School. And on June 6, the pleased mother posted a photo of Zman’s graduation on Instagram.

What Is Dan Short’s Net Worth?

Short is a former test pilot and former Navy aviator who may be best known for his reality television series FantomWorks about car restoration.

Short created FantomWorks in an old garage and devoted his time to developing it after leaving the service. His work took off as a result of his dedication to his technique and tireless work, and the reality series aired from 2013 to 2019.

He receives high appreciation and admiration for his amazing work on automotive modifications and restorations as well as his ability to please clients. Additionally, they are noted for having substantial quality self-manufactured auto parts as one of its unique qualities. Even though making custom parts is a challenging task in and of itself, Short’s crew’s proficiency makes it look simpler.

His show, which amassed a sizable following worldwide over the years and is thought to have contributed to his substantial net worth of $3 million, was a success.

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