Who is Courtney Friel? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Courtney Friel, a well-known entertainment reporter, was born in Philadelphia on April 22, 1980, to parents Lois and Bernie Friel.

According to Courtney Friel résumé, the 39-year-old media personality had a lifelong fascination and aptitude for television.

She used to make regular television morning announcements while attending Methacton High School in Eagleville, Pennsylvania, and she always gave her best effort in her media production classes. She graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor of arts in political science with the goal of becoming a well-known anchor.

Courtney created a brief film showcasing her abilities, and it was picked to air on the Channel One News student-produced week in Los Angeles.

Courtney Friel’s Career, Salary

Courtney began her career as a sports and entertainment reporter for GoTV Mobile Television. She is a tall woman, standing at 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters).

She also made a substantial contribution to the Travel Channel World Poker Tour at the same time.

She expanded her resume of professional accomplishments by hosting The Saturday Night Solution, a criminal documentary series.

She also devoted her career to working as a field reporter for WBBJ-TV, Oxygen Channel, and Comcast Cable’s E! Entertainment. After she began working as a news correspondent for the FOX News Channel in February 2007, Courtney’s fame soared.

Since joining KTLA-TV as an entertainment reporter in 2013, Courtney has put in a total of six grueling years and has amassed an average income of between $71K and $79K.

Courtney Friel Husband, Boyfriend

Courtney Friel’s husband and boyfriend both agreed that Courtney had a difficult time finding true love.

Carter Evans, a well-known CBS correspondent, was her husband. On the KNSD-TV sets in San Diego, the two first connected. Due to their shared passion, Courtney and Carter fell in love and were wed in May 2005.

Two children, Cash Hudson Evans, and Cameron Kaiulani Evans were born to the couple on January 1 and April 6, respectively.

Until their divorce in 2016, while Courtney was enjoying her family life with her husband Carter and their two children, there were no known grounds for the couple’s separation.

Courtney Friel Kids

Despite Courtney and her husband’s divorce, they still appear to get along well and work together to raise their kids. 2015’s Christmas celebration with them was a reflection of their love for one another as parents.

As of right now, Courtney’s ex-husband Carter is dating Lauren Lyster, a reporter with whom Courtney shares a job.

Carter appears to be co-parenting the children with his partner as well.

Lauren was given the title of stepmom after Courtney invited her to spend time with her kids. Lauren joined in the festivities as she attended her daughter Cameron’s birthday party.

A baby shower for one of Courtney and Lauren’s coworkers was recently held, and on September 23, 2018, both women attended the event wearing smiles on their faces.

It is clear that Courtney has no ill will toward Lauren and is still friends with her ex-husband because she is co-parenting the children with Carter, his girlfriend, and Lauren.

Courtney Friel Boyfriend

Additionally, Courtney has reportedly found a new father for her children as well as a new love for herself. Jim Hecht, a screenwriter, and she are dating. According to their social media posts, the pair is clearly really in love. Jim posted their first image together with the comment, “All I want for Christmas is…”

Even Courtney’s children appear to love Jim’s company. Courtney was seen at a baseball field with her children and her boyfriend. They all four appeared extremely content and contented.

We can only hope that the connection lasts a long time.

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