Who Is Cottrell Guidry? His Career, Relationship With Parents, Wife, & More

Actor, DJ, and creative entrepreneur Cottrell Guidry is well-known for his roles in the movies See You On the Other Side and Skyler. She has furthermore performed behind-the-scenes work as a producer and writer.

In addition to these, Cottrell Guidry is well-known for having once been involved with actress Kat Graham.

From the late 2000s through the middle of the 2010s, they were together. For a period, Kat and Guidry were used as story fodder by relationship tabloids. However, for whatever reason, it didn’t work, so they are now each leading their own lives.

While Guidry, her ex-boyfriend, has continued to be involved in the media by occasionally participating in a project or interview, Kat has maintained a close relationship with it. Discover the actor’s activities and his romantic history. Has Cottrell Guidry successfully moved on since splitting with Graham?

His father, AD Cottrell Guidry, died when he was a young boy.

Guidry was born in Long Beach, California, on June 4, 1985. It is Cottrell Brandon Guidry Jr. that he goes by.

The actor/model also lived in Seal Beach for a while when he was younger. Guidry claims that he and his brother spent their childhoods eating burritos, traveling to the beach, and freestyling. His brother, MC IMPRINT, is a hip-hop artist. Additionally, Cottrell had an older sister who adored musicals and classic films.

Long Beach, California, was the birthplace of Cottrell Guidry.
Actor Cottrell Guidry of Grimshaw stated that his father, who is seen, had a drug addiction. When he was young, his father passed away.

He attended Golden West College, where he received a Communications/Theatre Arts degree (2003 – 2005).

His father battled drug addiction when he was a child. Cottrell once disclosed via Instagram that his father passed away while he was a little boy.

Cottrell claimed in an interview that ever since he was a child, he had a natural interest in anything having to do with movies and television. The actor from California acknowledges that it was his sister’s movie-watching that inspired him to pursue performing arts.

When he was 18 years old, a modeling scout discovered him, and soon after that, he started college theater classes. Later, he and his pals started creating stuff together, such as sketches, short videos, and other artistic endeavors. His genre ranges from humor to seriousness.

He first enrolled in the theatrical department of his college before beginning to act. Later that year, though, he decided to drop out of school to focus solely on acting in Los Angeles. The Long Beach-born actor acknowledges that he tried everything to get onto any set, including working as a PA, in castings, in production, and even doing some light camera work. He declares that he is self-taught.

Cottrell Guidry has starred in a lot of films and TV shows.
In the 2010 short film See You On The Other Side, he played Isaac. Later, he appeared in The Wankers as Brad. Guidry starred in the movie Skyler the year after. His other productions include Venues As A Boy, Frackers, and The Audition (2013). (2021).

Additionally, AD Cottrell Guidry had special appearances on Criminal Minds on CBS and Powerless on NBC.
Actor Cottrell Guidry is well-known for roles in a variety of movies, including Skyler, See You on the Other Side, The Audition, and Frackers.

The man who occasionally works as a DJ has also produced a few short films. His short film from last year, Grimshaw, was inspired by his interactions with his drug-addicted father. He took home the top actor prize at the TOP SHORTS Festival for Grimshaw.

Guidry has additionally appeared as a guest on the NBC television programs Criminal Minds and Powerless (CBS).

Three of his films are now in post-production as of 2021: Invite Only, LA Rush, and Coming Home.
In 2019, he also directed an episode of the series titled “American Soul.”

The Other Works of Cottrell

Cottrell mentors inner-city children and works with charities in addition to acting. He is one of the board members for the Engage the Vision mentor program at Martin Luther King Elementary School in South Central Los Angeles. He also conducts workshops at the Covenant House, a juvenile transitional housing facility.

The Grimshaw star is also collaborating with the Ambition band. Through the company, he imparts entrepreneurial skills to high school students.

In South Central Los Angeles, he also develops lesson ideas for a mentor program.

The co-founder of Stay Cool Productions has also worked on several ads.

Guidry produced a non-scripted show for Maker’s Studios in 2014. (Disney).

He is currently employed by The Glick Agency, LLC. He has worked with groups including the Aids Healthcare Foundation and Funny or Dies.

Additionally, he has profiles with The Campbell Agency and Wilhelmina Denver.

The couple’s name is Cottrell Guidry and Kimberly Steinberg.

Guidry and Kimberly Steinberg are wed. On July 28, 2019, he and Kimberly got married. The model/actor and Steinberg shared a photo of themselves on Instagram in July 2020 to mark two years of marriage. In addition to the post, Guidry wrote:

“Congratulations, @misskimberly.s! The finest thing that has ever happened to me is that I have been married to you for two years. Kim Cotton’s anniversary is celebrated with “#KimCottrell #Love #Appreciation #Gratitude.”

In July 2018, Cottrell Guidry and Kimberly Steinberg became husband and wife.
Kimberly Steinberg, a marketer of upscale goods based in California, is married to Cottrell Guidry. From Instagram

Steinberg, the spouse of AD Cottrell, founded the product development firm KSVP Strategic. She is also skilled in business development with a focus on luxury brands, marketing, operations, sales, management, advertising, and sales.

She is a graduate of Bishop’s College School and McGill University. At College LaSalle Montreal, Guidry’s wife studied fashion marketing as well.

Californians Guidry and Steinberg call West Hollywood home.

Guidry was once engaged to Kat Graham, an actress from The Vampire Diaries.

Cottrell Guidry’s relationship with actress Kat Graham before Kimberly was well-known. She gained notoriety for her role as Bonnie Bennett in the CW drama The Vampire Diaries.

Even more, they were now engaged. In a romantic setting by the beach, Guidry proposed to Graham on October 28, 2012. Even their unorthodox wedding had been planned.

From 2012 through 2014, Kat Graham and Cottrell were a couple.

Previously, Cottrell Guidry was dating Kat Graham, who plays Kat Graham on the television series “Vampire Diaries.” Origin: Getty

However, according to various stories, they broke up in December 2014 as a result of stress at work. Graham and Guidry, though, remained good friends.

US Weekly reported that the pair managed to maintain their friendship with one another after their divorce.

According to reports, the pair started dating in 2008. Although Kat once acknowledged that she and Guidry had been dating for more than five years. Consequently, in an interview, she stated

“You feel married once you’ve been with someone for more than five years. There is no haste. Setting up our lives to be a robust support system for one another is currently the most crucial thing.

Cottrell Guidry: How Rich Is He?

Guidry’s net worth is unknown, unlike other A-listers. Except for red carpet interviews and a few meet-ups, the actor hasn’t sat up for many interviews lately. Despite this, he appears to be doing well financially given his comfortable (and perhaps slightly glitzy) lifestyle.

Although no precise financial details are available, he controls a million dollars or more.

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