Who is Collier Landry? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

It is well known that the director of photography Collier Landry is the son of notorious felon John Boyle.

Collier Landry father, John, committed a crime when he was young, turning his life upside down and causing an irreplaceable loss.

Collier’s Traumatic Childhood

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When Collier was just 11 years old, a traumatic incident occurred in his home, altering his life forever.

He heard his mother Noreen Boyle scream out of the blue just after three in the morning. The horrified 11-year-old was unaware that his father, John Boyle, had just murdered his mother.

The authorities learned that John had buried his dead wife in the basement of his Pennsylvania house two weeks after the event.

After committing his crime, John was apprehended and given a sentence for aggravated murder and abuse of a corpse.

Collier and his sister Elizabeth were adopted by various households not long after John was arrested.

Where Is His Sister?

A Murder in Mansfield, a true-crime documentary released in 2017, details every aspect of the tragic murder.

In the documentary, when Collier tackles his problematic background, Elizabeth, who was adopted by Collier’s parents from Taiwan, is also mentioned.

Elizabeth’s present knowledge was kept a secret, except for the fact that she had witnessed the murder when she was just 3 years old.

Elizabeth was adopted by a family after the crime, and the family kept her separated from Collier so the brother and sister were never able to meet.

Collier claimed in his interview with the Mansfield News Journal that he wanted to get in touch with her sister because he hasn’t seen her in 26 years.

“She and I haven’t spoken in 26 years. I, therefore, hoped to be able to get in touch with her, if only to check on her. I hope she is alright.”

Reason Behind the Murder

Collier views his father as a liar despite the fact that John has never acknowledged killing his wife.

John has developed numerous denials of his guilt over the years, which raises even more questions about his innocence.

Furthermore, while still married to his wife Noreen, John had a number of love connections with various women.

In a YouTube video, he posted with the title My True Crime Story: Collier Landry, Collier confronted his father in jail over three decades after his conviction.

John continued to insist that the murder was an accident and denied having committed the act.

Collier left his father’s house feeling disappointed and unsatisfied after hearing John deny committing the crime.

Is Collier Landry Married?

The Los Angeles-based cinematographer Collier has discussed every aspect of the tragic event that changed his life, but he hasn’t talked about his romantic relationships.

It is unknown if Collier is already married. His shady love life has, however, left his admirers speculating whether he is gay or engaged in a covert romance.

In relation to that, he is said to have been seeing Nicole Alexander, with whom he had previously collaborated on a short fashion video.

To yet, Collier hasn’t revealed anything about his alleged romance, though.

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