Who Is Clea DuVall’s Husband? Here’s All You Need To Know About Her Married Life!

The director of the holiday rom-com Happiest Season, Clea DuVall, is openly lesbian. In 2016, she supposedly came out of the closet publicly. In addition, the award-winning actor is dedicated to conveying LGBT tales to her viewers.

She did so by writing and directing the rom-com Happiest Season in 2020, which was the first major film in the genre to feature a same-sex pair. DuVall told The Atlantic that the film, which stars Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis, is inspired by her own holiday memories.

This includes her coming out to her mother on Christmas Day in the middle of a quarrel. The actor-turned-writer is unashamedly gay, and she’s eager to “disrupt the fully straight, thoroughly popular genre of holiday films” with queer flicks. However, she continues to keep her current husband’s identity a closely guarded secret.

Relationship Status

DuVall announced — presumably for the first time in public — that she was married and in a loving marriage with her spouse during her prior interview with The Atlantic in December 2020.

“When we did But I’m a Cheerleader, I was 21 and pretty closeted,” she explained. I was overjoyed to be in the film and adored it, but there was also a part of me that was terrified.”

She talked about how she was afraid to come out about her orientation since she didn’t want to be judged. She stated that she has reached a point in her life where she feels at ease with her identity.

“To wind up where I am now, a 43-year-old happily married lady who is so comfortable with herself…that journey was not always easy,” the filmmaker explained. She did, however, confirm her relationship status without revealing the identity of her partner or disclosing the circumstances of her marriage.

According to reports, Mia Weier is Clea DuVall’s partner

Several online tabloids claim that DuVall’s partner is Mia Weier, a model and film producer, despite the fact that DuVall has not confirmed her partner’s identity.

The majority of the web stories are based on DuVall and Weier’s public appearances together. For example, on May 16, 2015, the putative couple attended the Hollywood Palladium’s An Evening with Women honoring the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

In 2017, the two strolled down the red carpet of the same event, which was hosted at the same site. In 2017 and 2018, DuVall and Weier attended the Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Auditorium for the second year in a row.

Both of them wore suits to the latter occasion, the actress in a black suit with a white shirt and her claimed wife in a white suit with a black shirt. Additionally, other fan pages on social media, notably @bestofclea on Twitter, publish images of the two together on a daily basis.

All of this suggests that DuVall and Weier are dating. We will, however, continue to wait for any of them to confirm the specifics.

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