Who is Claudinette Jean? Age, Net worth, Relationship, Height, Affair

Claudinette Jean

Mrs. Wyclef Jean’s mother, Marie Claudinette Jean, is a talented fashion designer. In addition, the founder and CEO of Fusha Designs, Inc., a design firm in New York City’s fashion sector, emits refinement, elegance, and radiance.

Her husband, the Fugees, a politically conscious pop band from Haiti, is a world-renowned rap artist, vocalist, and founder. He has put in a lot of effort to build a respected and internationally recognized career. Similarly, his wife has followed in his footsteps in the fashion industry.

Claudinette Jean: Bio, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings

Claudinette Jean grew up in the city of Newark, New Jersey. In addition to her beautiful fashionista lifestyle, Claudinette is her parents’ devoted daughter. When Claudinette was eight years old, her parents moved to the United States. There are four brothers and one sister in her family.

She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Studies from Montclair State University. She continued to sew when she moved to America with her parents, but instead of pursuing her dream of becoming a fashion designer, she studied to become a doctor. The stitching, on the other hand, was always visible.

She didn’t seem to be able to get away from it. So she did the unthinkable for the daughter of a proud Haitian family. Against her parents’ wishes, she surreptitiously changed her college major to fashion studies. Claudinette has been studying art and fashion for a long time. She is of African descent.

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Claudinette Jean
Caption: Claudinette Jean with her husband Source: Pinterest

Professional Career

Her fashion career is claimed to have lasted more than two decades. Claudinette is a long-time student of art and fashion, as well as a founder and entrepreneur.

Claudinette Jean is the CEO of Fushá Designs Inc., the fashion designer’s company. High-profile celebrities, such as Ja Rule, Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, and her husband Wyclef Jean, are among her clients.

Personal Experiences

Claudinette Jean has been married to her husband Wyclef Jean since 1994 when she was born Marie Claudinette Pierre-Jean. They married in 2009 and currently live together in New York City.

The famous couple’s romance has lasted more than two decades, which is fantastic. The couple likes to keep their personal lives and children hidden from the public eye.


Claudinette, on the other hand, is claimed to be married to Wyclef and has a daughter. Wyclef Jean’s daughter Angelina Claudinelle Jean, whom he shares with his wife Claudinette Jean, is an adopted Haitian child. The couple is routinely photographed with their adopted daughter in public. Similarly, Claudinette is undeniably grateful to have such a caring husband who cherishes his beautiful wife above all else.


Wyclef Jean was in hot water at home after his wife discovered an intimate photo of his beautiful manager on his phone. Following the discovery of the sexy photo, Marie Claudinette Jean requested that her hip-hop star husband dismiss Lisa Ellis, according to the Daily News.

Few people know that Haitian artist Wyclef Jean is a daring husband who frequently travels the world with his wife, Claudette Jean.

Social Media

Claudinette Jean uses Instagram to share photos of models wearing her creations. As of 2021, her Instagram handle (@claudinettejean17) has 16.4k followers.

Her other Instagram account (@fushadesigns) has more than a thousand followers. She also has a 35-follower Twitter account (@FushaDesigns). She also has a Facebook account with her name on it, but we can’t verify it.

Net Worth

Wyclef Jean Claudinette Jean Net Worth Jean’s $10 million net fortune allows him to treat his wife to lavish holidays and excursions across the world. Claudinette Jean has a net worth of $15 million as of 2021.

Height and Weight

Her brown eyes and black hair are stunning. Claudinette Jean also has a slender body type. There is currently no information available on her height, weight, or other bodily parameters.

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