Who is Christ Bearer? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

One of the most well-known musicians is Christ Bearer, who prefers to lead a quiet life and leave listeners wondering about their enigmatic existence. Despite the success of his profession, Christ’s followers still know very little to nothing about the inspiration behind him and his private life.

The majority of the rapper’s followers are already familiar with his on-screen persona, but what about Christ Bearer behind the lens?

Christ Bearer’s Career As A Rapper

Rapper Christ Bearer is well-known for his albums, including Jesus Christ Bearer Superstar and Christ Bearer & Tha Killa Beez. In addition, he has published a number of popular singles and EPs, including Old Dirty Bastard and Passion of Christ.

He has so far put out roughly seven albums, three singles, and EPs, along with about ten music videos. He is a member of the Wu-Tang group, and he claims that he will continue to collaborate with them throughout the remainder of his musical career.

Even while Christ Bearer is very well-liked in the profession, it is not all he has accomplished. Being at the pinnacle of his career, he has also accumulated a respectable net worth thanks to his high pay. He makes an average of $62K per year as a rapper, though the precise sums are hidden.

His Wiki – Age, Family

According to his wiki, Christ Bearer has a birthday every year on April 19. Louis Farrakhan and Khadijah Farrakhan welcomed Andre Johnson into the world in 1973.

He has not provided much information about his birthplace, but he is of American nationality. He has a brother named Shyheim and was nurtured in a loving household. The rapper’s parents were deeply in love with one another and gave their kids the best upbringing possible.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Christ frequently shares photos of his family on Instagram, whether it be during ordinary events or noteworthy ones. The rapper manages to spend time with his family members despite having a busy schedule since they are very close to him.

When Christ Bearer revealed in 2014 that he had chopped off his own penis, it attracted a lot of media attention. He said that his substance usage had left him out of his head and that he missed his kids. He hacked off his genitals and leaped from a two-story building as a result of all these frustrations.

Later, he refuted the claims that he was suicidal and that the surgeons had stuck his penis back. Christ “is proud” of what he accomplished that night even at the age of 45 because no one could have committed such an act against themselves.

Christ Bearer Wife, Girlfriend

Christ Bearer is a private individual who rarely discusses his romantic relationships in the media. His social media activity, however, provides a wealth of information about him.

Christ has three children with his wife Aubri Wells Griffis, a woman he dated before becoming his wife. Andre doesn’t post many images of himself with his wife on social media. However, he sent a birthday greeting to her on November 29, 2017, leading one to believe that they are still dating.

Lauren, Lana, and Kennedy, Christ’s three daughters, are all female and range in age from twelve to six to four. Christ occasionally shares photos of them on social media as a proud father.

Fans of Christ Bearer continue to be curious about his romantic history and anticipate him to reveal more personal information.

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