Who is Chris Quilala? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Chris Quilala and his wife, who were a fan-favorite couple, are no longer together. Chris used his Instagram to address his divorce after several months of being apart.

Chris Quilala’s Divorce

Alyssa Gulino and Chris Quilala have been friends since they were little. They first met in a Pasadena church.

Alyssa was only seventeen years old at the time, while Quilala was 25. After a few years of dating, the couple became closer and exchanged vows in 2013. However, the union disintegrated in 2019.

They both posted information about their divorce on social media. Even though they made an effort to keep their divorce private, word of it quickly spread and it quickly became a hot topic of conversation.

Alyssa posted on Instagram on February 19, 2020, expressing her frustration with people pronouncing judgment on the divorce. She wrote in her letter of disappointment,

“I’m sick and tired of people arguing over my life in the comments section on images of my kids. You see what I made visible to you. Social media is a picture, not the whole truth. You ask for further details, but I won’t give them. I can’t put my faith in anyone to know the intricacies of any aspect of my existence…”

Nothing about their divorce has appeared yet because Alyssa already stated in her statement that she wouldn’t divulge any of her personal information.

Quilala, on the other hand, published his thoughts on the divorce after returning from his vacation on social media.

He explained that the divorce was hard on his family and that he needed a vacation from social media to reflect on his life.

He also indicated in his writing on the divorce that the choice was made without his support and that, given the chance, he would have worked to keep his marriage together.

“Even though I did not choose to get a divorce, I am working to improve the aspects of my life that my marriage’s unhealthiness contributed to. Nevertheless, despite everything, I have repeatedly seen God’s faithfulness and felt him standing by my side.”

Chris And Alyssa’s Children

Despite the fact that their marriage is no longer together, their children will always be a part of them.

Ella, Aria, Jethro, Liv, and Maddex are the five children that the couple has together.

Unfortunately, they had to deal with a devastating loss when their little son, Jethro, died in 2014.

Even a song called Miracle was written by the couple in honor of their lost kid. Even though he might not be present physically, the pair always remember to celebrate his birthday and post about it on social media.

In 2021, their oldest daughter Ella will be in sixth grade, followed by Aria in third grade, Liv in kindergarten, and Maddex, who hasn’t started school yet.

What Is Chris Quilala Net Worth?

Since 2006, Quilala has been producing music regularly. His music is typically classified as Christian pop and contemporary worship music.

After appearing on many featured albums, he released Split the Sky, his debut solo album, in 2016 via the labels Jesus Culture and Sparrow Records.

Additionally, he has been nominated for a Grammy in 2018 and has won other accolades and prizes for his work. In addition, the musician’s success in the music business has undoubtedly resulted in a net worth of at least six figures.

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