Who is Chad Prather? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

online conservative personality Chad Prather’s bid to run for governor of Texas in 2022 has recently made waves in the media. He claims that the COVID pandemic, which has devastated hundreds of Texas families, inspired him to run for governor in order to support his hometown.

Chad Prather Runs For 2022 Texas Governor

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Chad Prather on April 3, the right-wing comedian announced his intention to run for governor of Texas on social media and provided a detailed justification for the action. He claims he wants to represent Texans’ common sense and steer clear of the ludicrous stunts used by the political circus.

Prather has started a new website with all of his election stats and updates to expedite the voting process. The election campaign for which he is already running kicked off in Washington County with a number of planned activities.

Despite having no political experience, he is confident that his morals and ethics will help him win. And after closely observing the difficulties faced by typical families in Texas, including the loss of jobs, businesses, and lives as a result of the COVID pandemic, Prather thought it was imperative to support the community’s growth through his leadership and representation.

The YouTuber, who is thought to have a net worth of $60,000 from his channel, has already started working to alter things in Texas. We will have to wait and see if he will have the chance to carry out his plans for Texas.

How Did Prather Become An Internet Personality?

The “modern-day Will Rogers” has gathered thousands of fans on various social media platforms because he isn’t hesitant to speak his views. His outspoken, opinionated films on the YouTube channel, which got their start around six years ago, helped Prather get exposure to a large audience.

The American comedian whose 2015 video “Unapologetically Southern” went viral is highly regarded for his distinctive style of argumentation and has made appearances on Fox and Friends, CNN, and MSN.

Additionally, the It’s My Backyard presenter released an album last August called Y’all Shut Up, which received fantastic reviews for effectively fusing humor into his songs.

Who Is Chad Prather Married To?

The nurse practitioner at Cook Children’s Pediatrics, Jadrien Prather, and the singer are happily married. She frequently makes full-length appearances in his YouTube videos, where she discusses hot-button topics including politics, fame, and online hatred.

Prather is the father of five kids—four from his first marriage and one as Jadrien’s stepfather. In one of his stand-up comedy performances, the comedian made a wonderful joke about having five kids. However, he keeps his reasons for divorcing his first wife a secret.

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