Who is Carl Arredondo? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Famous for his work as a former on-camera meteorologist at The Weather Channel, Carl Arredondo was the chief meteorologist at WWL-TV (US). Carl began his career in weather forecasting while employed as a meteorologist at the Weather Research Center.

Carl Arredondo has experience in his area because, prior to joining The Weather Channel, he served as Chief Meteorologist for KVTV-TV, KZTV-TV, and KVEO-TV. He was able to exchange experiences with meteorologists from all over the world while working at The Weather Channel, which was incredibly helpful for his career.

Carl has amassed a large fortune thanks to his dedication to his work. Given that he makes an annual salary of $75K on average, his net worth is projected to be in the millions.

Carl was among the top meteorologists in the nation, but he has recently announced his retirement due to health issues. Fans are worried about him and wish him success in his future efforts after learning of his retirement announcement.

Carl Arredondo Wife, Family

Carl Arredondo prefers to have a low-key private life. Nothing is known about his marriage or his wife. Arredondo, however, has frequently made public remarks about his son Carl IV and has even shared content about him on social media.

In one of his tweets, Carl mentioned that his son plays drums for the band “Vyrtigo,” demonstrating his fatherly pride. Carl IV mentioned in one of his tweets from 2017 that his mother had had a lover named Norman, despite the fact that there is little information available about her. Hence, it’s possible that Carl and his wife split up when Carl IV was still a little child.

About the whereabouts of Carl’s wife or any other information, Carl typically prefers to keep everything in his relationships under wraps, but he couldn’t resist sharing these adorable images of his Valentine’s date on Instagram!

On Twitter, he had also shared the image of the same enigmatic woman. Carl responded to a question from a fan by saying that although the stunning woman was not his wife, she was his lady.

There is no additional information available about this woman, but it does not change the fact that Carl holds her in high regard. Perhaps he will soon announce the impending nuptials!

His Health & Eye Surgery

Carl enjoys staying in shape and is very conscious of his health. He tries to keep in shape by working out when he can.

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Right before he started working for WWL-TV in August 1990, the meteorologist underwent eye surgery. One of Carl’s tweets received a response from a fan who recalled that he had eye surgery and had to remain motionless the entire time.

On February 25, 2019, he announced his resignation from WWL-TV and stated that his eye was the reason he could no longer perform the duties of the position. Carl also mentioned undergoing multiple eye procedures, but since the condition was inherited, they were of little use. Dr. Ross, Carl’s ophthalmologist, has determined that he has Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) of adult-onset.

Carl first wore lenses to reduce his eye haziness, but he has since become a regular patient. Carl visited his ophthalmologist after gradually losing his vision, and the doctor warned that Carl’s condition was critical because his retina was completely detached from the back of his eye.

Carl Arredondo’s Wiki / Age

According to his webpage, Carl Arredondo was born on May 8, 1963. He is 55 years old and weighs 170 pounds (77 kg). He presently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana, but he was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas.

Carl is a devoted husband and father who nevertheless makes time for his parents. On key occasions, he makes sure to acknowledge them on social media, showing that he appreciates their support and presence in his life.

Carl, who was always interested in the weather as a child, completed all of the required math and science classes to eventually become a meteorologist. The University of Saint Thomas in Texas is where he received his meteorology bachelor’s degree.

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