Who is Brian Britt? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Street racer Brian Britt is well known for his intense love of both driving and competition. But in addition to his career, he and his wife are well-known for being the most modest and down-to-earth people.

Brian Britt And His Wife Are Praise-worthy

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Brian Britt has developed a large fan base for his excellent racing skills during the course of his racing career. Britt is also acclaimed for the guy he is in real life, though, at the same time.

The racer, whose fame has skyrocketed since he made an appearance on Street Outlaws, appears to leave an enduring impression on those he meets.

The review area of the Facebook profile Brian Britt “The Assassin” built for himself is flooded with glowing testimonials from those who had the opportunity to meet him in person.

Not just Britt, but his wife Christy was also complimented by others who wrote about the couple’s generosity. A user posted

He and his wife are among the loveliest people you will ever meet, according to someone.

Added another,

“Met him in Vegas. Real stand-up, down-to-earth man. When asked, he shared all the advice and expertise he had with us.

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They have two sons together and have been married for a while.

Dylan Britt, one of his sons, went to Cross Country Community School.

Dylan appears to share his father’s interest in vehicles based on his Facebook activity.

What Does Brian Britt Do For A Living?

Although Britt is now recognized as a racer, it wasn’t how his career began. Despite his love of vehicles, he first worked as a bank manager.

Britt quit his bank job after a number of years to pursue a career as a farmer and street racer.

His life has changed drastically ever since he started racing. After competing in the Street Outlaws series for a while, Britt has gained a lot of notoriety and admiration for his talent on the track and charismatic demeanor.

Brain in The Street Outlaws

In the reality TV series The Street Outlaws, which debuted on Discovery Channel, street racers from various locations gather to demonstrate their racing prowess and contend for the top spot.

After meeting JJ Da Boss, the team captain of Street Outlaws Memphis, through their common acquaintance Jeffrey James, an MSO racer, Britt decided to enter the series.

He said that the car is now a twin-turbo set and that he converted the nitrous rig to a twin-turbo setup while discussing the alterations he had made to it with Sketchy’s Garage.

With all of his modifications to the Assassin, the forthcoming race will undoubtedly be a delight for Street Outlaw’s watchers.

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