Who is Brendan Iribe? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Brendan Iribe is a founder member and CEO of Scaleform and Oculus VR Inc. In addition to being a game programmer, the American is also an entrepreneur. He unquestionably has a deep understanding of virtual reality hardware and software.

Early Life

On August 12th, 1979, Brendan Trexler Iribe, better known as Brendan Iribe, was born. He spent his early years in Maryland, where he was also born. He attended Howard County, Maryland’s college-preparatory Atholton High School. A branch of the University of Maryland College of Computing, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences, he later joined the University of Maryland, College Park. After two semesters, Brendan Iribe dropped out and started working as a freelance programmer.

Brendan Iribe Height, Age, And Weight

Brendan Iribe was born on August 12th, 1979, and as of 2022, he will be 42 years old. He is 60 kg tall and 1 foot 52 inches wide.


Brendan Iribe made the suggestion to drop out of school and work as a freelance programmer, and he did it. He worked on Civilisation IV’s user interface as a game programmer. He was not just one of Scaleform’s cofounders, but also its first CEO. Its purpose was to provide PC gaming user interface technologies. Autodesk did eventually purchase it.

After selling the business, Brendan served as the product team leader at Gaikai. The two of them then collaborated to create a Kickstart campaign. In 2012, they were successful in raising over $2.4 million at that period. As the idea for the firm was fulfilled, he was chosen to be the CEO of Oculus VR. He left that position in December 2016 to become the team leader for PC VR. He made an investment in Sketchfab, an online platform for VR and 3D content, two years later.

Brendan Iribe Net Worth

As of October 2022, Brendan Iribe’s net worth is expected to reach $450 million. The creation of Oculus VR, Inc. generated the majority of the funds. With the help of a $2.4 million Kickstart campaign, he had made it. Surprisingly, he made Facebook an offer to buy him for $2 billion. In addition to Scaleform, he founded several more businesses. As a freelance programmer, Brendan Iribe helped to create the video game Civilisation IV. Also, he served as the vice president of Facebook’s PC VR division. This is how Brendan Iribe accumulated his current net worth.

In addition to being a gifted game programmer, Brendan Iribe is also a kind person. He gave the University of Maryland, College Park, a $31 million contribution. With $30 million, the Brendan Iribe Centre for Computer Science and Engineering was constructed. The remaining $1 million was earmarked for scholarships. It has facilities for robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. The seed did not fall far from the tree because even his mother, Elizabeth Iribe, supported him in this incredible trajectory.

Patrick Iribe Wife and Married

Brendan Iribe and Emma Watson apparently dated in 2019. They had been observed dining out together in Los Angeles. The events of that day make it clear that they didn’t want anyone to notice them. For instance, Emma Watson left Monica’s Vin Veneto Restaurant by herself and got into a black taxi. Soon after, Brendan Iribe followed him and entered the same vehicle. The two had clearly been dating for some time by that point. The fact that Emma Watson had dated a different Brendan before this Brendan Iribe also made people laugh.

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