Who Is Boban Marjanovic Wife? All About His Marriage & Children

With a height of 7 feet 4 inches, Serbian basketball player Boban Marjanovic is among the NBA’s tallest players.

He has accomplished a lot at the young age of 33 and even competes for Serbia. Despite all of his professional success, the basketball player is primarily covered by the media for his love life. In truth, millions of people have an insane desire to meet Boban Marjanovic’s wife.

He is married, and he and his spouse are getting along just well. Furthermore, because of the stark disparity in their heights, his marriage to Milica Kristi used to be the topic of the most discussion. However, despite all the challenges, the couple has a strong bond and even had two children together.

Learn more about his relationship and marriage.

Milica Krstic, wife of Boban Marjanovic In 2014

Boban Marjanovic is married, as was already announced. Since 2014, he has been wed to Milica Krstic. The couple married twice, which is interesting.

On July 3, 2014, they exchanged vows for the first time on a Mexican beach. Similar to the first, their second wedding took place in Belgrade on July 13, 2014, ten days later.

Speaking of Milica, she is a Serbian national as well. The couple has been married for nearly 6 years, and their marriage is a fantastic success. The duo is often commenting on each other’s Instagram images and is open about the closeness they have as a couple.

Additionally, Boban’s wife Milica joins him for several occasions and games, which is largely indicative of the bond they have.

Apart from that, the couple has gotten along well despite having a significant height gap. In case you didn’t know, Milica is only 5 feet 3 inches tall compared to Boban’s 7 feet 4 inches. Simply put, their relationship demonstrates that when you are truly in love, physical appearance is irrelevant.

Two Sons Are Born To Marjanovic With His Wife

Vuk and Pera, who are twins, are the children of Boban and his wife. Even though the couple hasn’t revealed their exact date of birth in the open, they get along well with both of their kids.

It’s interesting to note that despite Boban’s enormous height and size, both of his children are of quite an average stature.

Marjanovic, a basketball player, and his wife frequently post pictures of their children on their social media accounts.

Boban Marjanovic adores taking his wife on vacation.

The NBA player and his wife enjoy spending time together, just like any other couple. They frequently take trips, which they boast about on social media.

Both the wife and the husband enjoy going to the beach, so in May 2018 they took a trip to Saadiyat Island together. Even Boban’s wife shared a vacation shot on her Instagram. The two were seen holding hands in the backdrop of the photo, which also featured their children. She stated in the caption

when you’re depressed that your vacation is ended but then you receive great photos to take home

They enjoy casual dining as well as taking vacations in far-off exotic destinations. We learn about their romantic relationships solely because they are so active on social media.

Boban and his wife are both active users of social media

It appears that Boban’s wife is also a frequent user of social media. The duo uses social media extensively, particularly Instagram.

In 2022, Boban had about 1 million Instagram followers, compared to Milica’s 30,000. Both of them like bragging about their daily lives on social media.

Additionally, Boban has over 96k followers on Twitter, where he also uses the service.

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