Who is Barbara Starr? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

The name Barbara Starr is renowned in the journalism community. She has made a significant contribution and is undoubtedly an encouragement to all newcomers. She contributes by working as a CNN correspondent who covers the Pentagon. Her present place of residence is in Washington, DC. She has worked full-time for CNN since 2001, reporting on national security matters related to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Barbara Starr formerly worked for ABC News as a Pentagon journalist and producer before joining CNN. She even received a local Emmy for her reporting on the Pentagon. She also worked for publications including Business Week and Jane’s Defence Weekly in addition to CNN and ABC.

Barbara Starr Short Bio, Age

a. On September 11, 1950, Barbara Starr is an American citizen. She hasn’t discussed her parents much, however on July 31, 2016, she revealed in a tweet that her mother’s 80-page booklet from night school 60 years prior helped her obtain US citizenship. She hasn’t talked much, though, about her upbringing, early years, or siblings.

She obtained a journalism degree from California State University, Northridge, and graduated at the age of 68.

Her Career, Salary / Net Worth

She worked as a journalist for Business Week magazine, where she covered energy issues. She was intelligent and incredibly humble. Later, she covered national security and defense strategy for the weekly publication Jane’s Defence Weekly.

One fantastic possibility presented itself to her in the year 2001. She was requested to oversee a Pentagon correspondent who was in charge of reporting on matters of national security. The ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were the problem. She did not let this opportunity pass her by and seized it elegantly. Her reputation and career reached a whole new level as a result of this effort, and she flourished on this stage.

She formerly served as a correspondent for the publication Business Week. This publication was only interested in issues related to energy. Additionally, she had worked for Jane’s Defense Weekly. From 1988 through 1997, she worked in this capacity. She got tremendous honors for her outstanding reporting on the Pentagon while working as a producer for ABC News. The great Emmy was one of them.

She has always made a good living, and she deserves it. She earns an annual salary of $105K on average as a correspondent. She now has a million-dollar net worth thanks to all the money she has amassed.

Controversies & Criticism

Her career has not been free of criticism and scandals, though. She received a lot of flak for her reporting at the Pentagon. When she referred to Kenya as a “hotbed of terrorism,” she received criticism once more. This episode generated a lot of discussions, and many people tweeted negative things about her. The internet started to trend with it. Her biography is motivational.

Barbara Starr Married, Husband

She has always been a professional, and her work has always received more attention than her personal problems. She had a spouse, but regrettably, their relationship had soured, and they had chosen to file for divorce.

There are currently no facts available, however, she may have had children as well. She doesn’t appear to have the desire to get married again. Though she tried to save one member of her family, she was unsuccessful. She is not a lesbian in any manner.

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