Who is Annette Badland? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

As seen by one of her Twitter postings, English actress Annette Badland, best known for playing the evil aunt in the BBC serial opera EastEnders, worried her followers about her weight loss.

One of the comments noted how dramatically skinny the 70-year-old appeared in the 2018 Twitter post. She did, however, explain the weight loss strategy she used at the time several years ago.

Annette Badland Weight Loss

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The EastEnders actress was a little different in her 2018 Twitter post than how we are used to seeing her with her endearing smile extending all the way to her gorgeous chubby cheeks. She tweeted a photo of herself appearing much thinner than usual as she got ready for her shoot in Pelbs.

As soon as someone saw it, they asked if the actress had lost weight in the comments area. The actress chose not to reply but considering her age, it makes sense that she doesn’t appear to be as obese as she once did. The actress did, however, speak about her early attempts to lose weight.

Since the 1970s, she has reportedly had acupuncture at least once a month. She claimed that this has helped her stay more grounded and shed pounds by maintaining a healthy metabolism. In actuality, she lost nearly three stones thanks to the traditional Chinese procedure. But when she got older, she gave up acupuncture and started swimming instead to stay in shape.

Is Annette Badland Married?

The Doctor Who actress appears to be quite modest about her sexual relationships and doesn’t divulge much personal information, however, she once revealed her passionate relationship with actor David Hatton.

The two first connected at a performance in 1979 where Badland was on stage and Hatton was in the audience. “He fell in love with me over the footlights and kept coming back to see me,” the actress said. It was pretty passionate.

The actress and her partner fell in love and started living together in London, but they never intended to wed, so they are still single.

Badland Received Death Threats For Portraying Babe

From 2014 to 2017, the soap opera serial EastEnders was widely viewed by its audience, and Babe Smith, the show’s nasty aunt, undoubtedly irritated them.

But the actress found that portraying the villain was taxing when she started receiving death threats from incensed followers. The actress found it immensely unbelievable and alarming how someone could genuinely endanger your life for a fictional role.

Although she was scheduled to return in the season, she had second thoughts about playing Babe after seeing the terrible circumstances, as she said in a podcast.

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