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Anh Tu Dang

Anh Tu Darn is the wife of Josh Mankiewicz, a well-known American writer who currently works as a columnist and reporter for Dateline NBC. Anh is the owner of care works wellbeing Administration, which is a providing care office in Orange District, California, in addition to being a superstar mate.

Anh Tu Darn’s Net Worth

As of 2022, Anh Tu Dang’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million. While waiting in line for the TSA in 2009, Anh met her future husband. The couple married in May 2016 after a long time apart. Since that pre-marriage ceremony, both have remained very affectionate and happy in their close relationship.

Facts of Anh Tu Dang

Name Anh Tu Dang
Age 48-49 years
Gender Female
Profession Owner of CareWorks & Celebrity Spouse
Married/Single Married
Husband Josh Mankiewicz

Some Interesting Information:

  • Josh Mankiewicz’s wife, Anh Tu Darn, is a Dateline reporter.
  • According to all accounts, there is a significant age gap between her and Josh, who was 60 years old when he married Anh. According to reports, Anh is actually 16 years younger than her famous husband.
  • Despite the fact that she isn’t listed on Wikipedia, we are confident that the facts presented in this article will help you learn more about Anh.
  • Despite the fact that she is married to a celebrity, Anh has avoided face-to-face communication. She doesn’t have a Twitter or Instagram account. To be honest, she isn’t present on any web-based media platform.
  • Anh is the owner and CEO of a company that provides home medical services.
  • Her father suffered a stroke when he was 13 years old, leaving him paralyzed. It was Anh’s attempt to devote her full attention to her frail father that provided the impetus for her potential career as a home caregiver.
  • Anh is a brave and merciful bosom malignant growth survivor who has undergone a twofold mastectomy.
  • Her organization offers a wide range of services, including non-invasive treatment, wound care, and language training, among others.
    Josh had said his final farewell to Anh after a month of dating her during the couple’s underlying romance. Following that, they revived their sentiment in the middle of 2013 and have remained indistinguishable since then.
  • Imprint Thompson, an old friend of Josh’s, hosted their wedding.

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