Who is Angela Rye? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Angela Rye is a well-known lawyer and a familiar figure in the American judicial system. She is the chief executive officer of the political advocacy business IMPACT Strategist in Washington. Additionally, since March 2016, the caustic media woman has worked as a political pundit for CNN.

Ever since the controversy erupted over Trump’s election to the presidency, Angela Rye has been a hot topic. She is renowned for her vehement criticism of Trump; in a CNN broadcast in July 2017, she faced criticism for her refusal to recognize Trump as the country’s president.

Angela Rye’s Bio

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The day of her first eye-opening was October 26, 1979, in Seattle, Washington. She was born to Andrea Rye, a former college administrator, and Eddie Rye Jr., a community activist and business consultant.

Angela received her education from Holy Names Academy, a Catholic private all-girls secondary school that prepares students for college. She completed her higher education in 2002 and received a bachelor’s in the arts from the University of Washington. In 2005, she graduated with a Juris Doctor from the Seattle University School of Law.

Politics was a constant topic of conversation in Angela’s household because she was born into it. She afterward developed a preference for politics and began to plant seeds in the same field.

Career and Net Worth

She started her career as a Coordinator of Advocacy and Legislative Affairs at the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education shortly after earning her law degree from Seattle University School of Law.

Angela’s life reached its zenith in 2006 when she co-founded the organization known as IMPACT, which gained widespread acclaim. The main goal of IMPACT was to support young professionals in three areas: political engagement, civic engagement, and economic empowerment.

With Angela’s presence, the company saw exponential development. Later, Rye worked as a senior adviser and counsel for the US House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security from January 2007 until December 2010. From January 2011 through January 2013, she also worked as the Congressional Black Caucus executive director.

It is certain that Angela has a sizable net worth due to her successful job. Though the precise sum is still concealed behind the curtain, some assessments place the number at about $2 million. Additionally, CNN pays her a yearly compensation of $66,000.

Is Angela Rye Married To Husband?

Let’s be clear: Angela is not married, therefore there should be no misunderstanding in the public as to whether Angela is married.

However, just because she is unmarried doesn’t imply she has never been in a relationship. She was dating Oscar-winning rapper Lonnie Corant Jaman Shuka Rashid Lynn, better known by his stage as Common. Early in the summer of 2017, they started dating. But in March 2017, they split up after realizing they could not be a perfect match for one another.

Angela did bring up her ex-boyfriend Common after they broke up, though. Angela said some kind words for her ex-boyfriend in one of her interviews.

“We are friends now and always will be. He is a remarkable human being, and having him in my life has made me a lot better person. May we all continue to live and love.”

The exact cause of Angela and Common’s breakup was unknown because they continued to get along well even after their split. However, Common’s statements from May 2019 revealed the reason for his breakup with Angela. According to Common, he had been receiving Love Addiction Therapy for some time and found it to be helpful.

The man also clarified what “Love Addiction” actually was throughout the interview. He explained it as the relationship’s initial stages of addiction. Despite caring for the person he was in love with, Common said, he was addicted to the honeymoon phase and the sensation of being in love. To dispel the false impression that the atmosphere was not about sex addiction, the rapper added further information.

Following his return from therapy, Common and Angela have resumed their frequent sightings together. Fans believe that the reason Common’s relationship with Angela has been so successful for him is because of Michelle Obama’s relationship and love guidance to him. Additionally, all of their supporters are anticipating Common and Angela’s declaration of their reunion.

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