Who is Andy Dinh? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Andy Dinh sometimes referred to as “Reginald,” is a well-known businessman in the Vietnamese American community. He once participated in League of Legends. The ‘Team SoloMid North American League of Legends Championship Series team is owned and coached by Dinh. He is one of 19 athletes who has qualified three times for the World Championships.

Early Life

On April 12, 1992, Andy Dinh was born. In video games, he went by the name “Reginald.” He is a Vietnamese immigrant’s son.

He was raised in California’s San Jose. Dan Dinh, his brother, used to play League of Legends professionally before transitioning to coaching. Andy Dinh attended Campbell, California’s Westmont High School.

Darren Dinh Height, Weight

In 2022, Andy Dinh will be 30 years old. He was born on April 19, 1992. He stands 1.70 meters tall and weighs 70 kilograms.


In 2008, Andy Dinh started participating in ‘League of Legends’ Closed Beta. He immediately gained notoriety and used to play with his brother Dan “Man Dinh” Dinh. He gained popularity, and the brothers later founded ‘All or Nothing,’ one of the earliest League of Legends teams. It was established in September 2009 during the League of Legends closed beta.

In 2009, he launched “SoloMid,” a website. It was one of the earliest websites specifically devoted to League of Legends. In 2011, he disbanded “All or Nothing” following a disagreement with his brother. Afterward, he created his own group called “Team SoloMid,” where he eventually became captain.

His team came in third place in the League of Legends Season One Championships in 2011. Then they participated in Intel Extreme Masters Season VI and Major League Gaming Pro Circuit – Raleigh. In the Major League Gaming Providence event, his squad took first place.

Both the Kyiv competition and the Intel Extreme Masters Hannover competition were losses for the squad. Christian “The Rain Man” Kahmann, one of the team’s original members, left as a result. Later, Marcus “Dyrus” Hill took his place.

The new squad afterward won a number of competitions throughout North America, including the regionals. After the 2013 season, Andy Dinh ceased playing League of Legends.

Achievements And Awards For Andy Dinh

Throughout his career, Andy Dinh has placed third in a number of competitions. He and his squad won the Major League Gaming competition. His team came in third at the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit – Raleigh. In the Intel Extreme Masters Season VI – Global Challenge Cologne, his team came in second.

Andy Dinh’s Net Worth

As of December 2022, Andy Dinh’s net worth is predicted to be greater than $2 million. He earned this money playing League of Legends professionally. His total career winnings as a member of a team total $554150. At the Season 2 World Championships in Los Angeles, his team took home $75,000.

One of the most well-known League of Legends players in the entire world is Andy Dinh. He is one of just 19 players to have qualified for three world championships and has experienced tremendous success as a gamer.

He formed his own North American League of Legends Championship Series squad, “TSM,” and he presently serves as its head coach (Team SoloMid). He was a successful professional athlete who is now enjoying success as a coach. During the 2014 NA LCS Spring Split, Andy Dinh made a brief appearance.

Andy Dinh Wife, Marriage

He is presently dating Leena Xu, general manager of Team SoloMid.

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