Who is Amy Shira Teitel? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

In her book Fighting For Space, aerospace historian Amy Shira Teitel explores the challenges that early female astronauts encountered. The book, which was released in 2020, examines the experiences of female pilots throughout the American space flight era.

Fighting For Space By Amy Shira Teitel

Table of Contents

The second book by Amy Shira Teitel, written after Breaking the Chains of Gravity, reveals the history of spaceflight through the parallel biographies of Jerri Cobb and Jacqueline Cochran, two ambitious women who battled to become the first American women to become astronauts.

The subject of the narrative is the well-known Mercury 13 case. Thirteen women undergoing astronaut training composed the group, which was a component of the American astronaut training program, in 1959.

While revealing the group’s true fate, Teitel also sheds light on Corchan’s true history. Corchan is regarded as a “villain” because of her testimony against women in spaceflight, which led to the failure of the “Mercury 13” mission.

Teitel, who was inspired by the intriguing tale of the thirteen female pilots, gathered the information for her book by searching through thousands of archives and fresh sources, and she portrays history in a fresh way.

What Fascinated Teitel To Pursue Her Career?

In one of her YouTube videos, the author of Fighting For Space explains how her passion for space dates back to the age of seven when she first indulged her curiosity by researching Venus for a scientific project. She was initially confused by the idea of how the planet rotated and its fascinating traits, but this only piqued her interest and she wanted to find out more.

In addition, as a young child, she was inspired to learn more about how the Apollo mission, which landed two astronauts on the moon, when she first saw a cartoon depicting it.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in the history of science and technology and enrolled at York University for a master’s degree in science and technology because she was passionate about solving the amazing secrets of space.

She is best known for using her YouTube channel The Vintage Space to share her knowledge through videos, but she has also written for publications like Daily Beast, Discovery News, Scientific American, Al Jazeera English, Ars Technica, and National Geographic.

Although it is uncertain how much money Teitel has made from her successful career, data suggests that she makes about $10.9k a year from her YouTube channel.

Is She Married?

Although her work side is completely known to us, her personal life is more difficult to access. Aside from her outstanding achievements in her line of work, she hasn’t yet made her private life known to the public.

She did, however, once publish an image of her boyfriend’s x-ray to Twitter with the caption, “Behold my boyfriend’s screwed together clavicle.” She hasn’t shared any new information about her relationship on Twitter since those early remarks about her partner.

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