Who is Amanda Pavillard? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

On January 24, 2001, Amanda Pavillard, a stunning and talented model and social media influencer, was born in the United States. She presently resides there with her family.

Her birthday is on January 24th, and on that day, January 24, 2021, she will turn 20.

Although Amanda Marie Pavillard is her given name, she is also known as Amanda (Her Nick Name).

One of the most stunning and physically fit models in the business, Amanda Pavillard’s trim waistline is so alluring that anyone may become obsessed with her.

Gentlemen, we produced this article about Amanda Pavillard’s biography and all the facts after conducting an extensive study. If you are a fan of Amanda Pavillard, read this page attentively.


On January 24, 2001, Amanda Pavillard was born in the US, where she presently resides with her family.

She was born into a Christian family and practices Christianity.

Her mother, father, and sister make up her family.

She has a sister named Tori, as I already explained.

We spent a lot of time researching her parents and siblings, which is another way of saying her family, but we were unable to find any answers that satisfied us. We will update this site as soon as we learn more about her family.


Amanda Pavillard is a well-known Instagram celebrity who rose to fame by publishing pictures with motivational phrases and reels to her Instagram account (World’s most popular Photo and Video sharing Social Media Platform).

She primarily shares photos from modeling sessions in which she postures creatively while wearing a bikini and gorgeous clothing.

She has more than 475 K followers as of August 2021 on Instagram (@amandapavillard).

Let’s talk about the typical number of likes on her Instagram posts, which ranges from 30 to 70 thousand, occasionally less and sometimes more.


Although she joined YouTube on January 25, Amanda Pavillard, another well-known YouTuber, began her YouTube journey on February 20 and published her first video on this day.

She has been posting Vlogs and beauty-related videos on YouTube for about two years now. Also, she currently has over 195 K subscribers on her YouTube page.

As described on Amanda Pavillard’s YouTube channel.

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Instagram: amandapavillard
Twitter: amandapavillard
Snapchat: apavs

And now let’s speak about the typical number of views her YouTube videos receive. She has been on YouTube for about two years, and on any given day, her views range from 20 to 70 thousand.

The title of her most watched video, “MY FIRST COACHELLA / vlog 2019,” has received 850K views on YouTube. You may see this video below, people.


Young American artist Amanda Pavillard is an Instagram sensation.

She began her career as a social media celebrity, and as of right now, her official Instagram account has more than 475K followers.

Her success hasn’t stopped since she rose to fame on Instagram.

Amanda Pavillard Boyfriend

When it comes to their romantic relationships and personal lives, most celebrities strive to maintain a low profile.

We looked into Amanda Pavillard’s connection in great detail, but we were unable to uncover any specific facts. How can we tell you without a precise result? As soon as we learn more, we will update this post.

Height, Weight, and Fitness of Amanda Pavillard

Because of her health and fitness advice, she has a great figure, flawless skin, shining hair, a thin waist, and an ideal body shape.

One of the most stunning and physically fit models in the business, Amanda Pavillard’s trim waistline is so alluring that anyone may become obsessed with her.

She takes great care of her physical health, exercising daily, doing yoga, and working out regularly. Yet, you also know that a food plan is crucial for a healthy, strong body.

She works out at home when she can’t go to the gym, which she does on a regular basis.

Many of her admirers and followers frequently inquire about Amanda Pavillard’s height, which is 5 feet 7 inches.

Isabela has dark brown, lustrous hair and blue eyes, and Amanda Pavillard weighs 56 kg.

Amanda Pavillard Net Worth

How much Amanda Pavillard makes and how much money is she worth is one of the most often asked topics.

As you may already know, Amanda Pavillard is a popular young YouTuber and social media personality.

The main source of her income, while she has other sources as well, is social media, and she has made a sizable sum of money through her affiliation with social media accounts.

She charges a reasonable sum for sponsorship, and the quality of the sponsorship is determined by the size of her fan base (followers).

As you may already be aware, she has 195 K YouTube subscribers and an average of 20–70 K views on her YT videos, 475 K Instagram followers, and an average of 30-70 K likes on Instagram, and 150 M Tik Tok fans.

She is thought to be worth more than $200K.

In addition, the net value of any private businesses she may run is excluded from this calculation. Also, we looked up their social media names and used the internet to try to determine their net worth. Thus, the accuracy of this data cannot be verified.

Social Media

Famous social media star Amanda Pavillard. In June 2021, Amanda Pavillard had over 475 K Instagram followers, 195 K YouTube subscribers, 150 K Tik Tok followers, and over 30.5 Twitter handle followers.

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