Who is Alex Beresford? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Alex Beresford, an English weatherman, began his career as an autocue operator for ITV News West County.

Later, Alex Beresford decided to pursue a career as a weatherman and joined ITV Weather on November 26, 2007. Additionally, in March 2012, Alex made a guest appearance for the ITV Breakfast program.

It’s interesting to note that he became well-known after joining the Channel 4 Network and working on the program World’s Weirdest Weather. He also significantly contributed to Britain’s Most Extreme Weather in the same year, starting in April 2014.

In addition to his work as a weatherman, Alex has shown the world that his gift extends beyond forecasting the weather to dancing. Alex competed in the tenth season of Dancing on Ice alongside Brianne Delcourt, but he was unlucky to be eliminated.

In order to further contribute to his field of work, Alex also oversees the Diversity School Tour Project. He also gave a toy truck to the Evening Post’s Christmas Toy Appeal on top of that. Alex was also selected for the national role model program for young Black males due to his strong involvement in social work.

Alex Beresford Biography and Net worth

Bio of Alex Beresford Salary Alex was born on October 17, 1980, in Bristol, England, and has a typical height.

The 38-year-Black old’s British father, who is from Guyana, and his White British mother reared him and his brother. Alex attended Riding High School in Winterbourne for his academics.

Like Mark Kriski, Alex has been a meteorologist for more than ten years and surely earns a good living. His average annual income is pegged at $53,000.

Alex Beresford Married Or Gay?

Alex’s marriage to his wife is perfect, which prevents him from being the subject of gay-bashing rumors.

The attractive weatherman and Natalie Natkaniec are a happy couple. The couple got engaged after a few years and had their first date before turning twelve.

Cruz, Alex’s 7-year-old kid, is a blessing for him and his wife Natalie. Even though Alex appears to be a busy man, he always does his best to spend his free time with his loved ones.

The three-person family enjoys their time together and creates fond memories in far-off locales. When on vacation, Alex prefers to travel to Cyprus to see his family with his wife and son. He also enjoys spending time with his family on his birthday.

Since Alex and his wife frequently visit beaches, particularly those on the island of Barbados, with their son Cruz, it is safe to say that they are beachgoers.

Alex is currently enjoying his life with his loved ones in Bristol, England, along with a pet dog he calls Peaches.

Alex Beresford Speech, Cousin’s Death

Alex spoke passionately on the problem of the prison terms meted out to those carrying blades earlier in March 2019. He expressed his opinions regarding the fact that some prison sentences were insufficient to deter people from killing while carrying knives because he had observed individuals who had no fear of prison. On March 16, 2019, Nathaniel Armstrong, Alex’s 29-year-old cousin, was fatally murdered a few days after the contentious speech.

Nathaniel, who resided with his mother, was a tall guy who stood 6 feet 7 inches (2.04 meters) tall. Although he appeared large, the man was an innocent college student, according to his uncle Alex. After attending Nathaniel’s funeral, Alex gave his mother, brother, and sister heartfelt condolences on national television.

Later, on April 15, 2019, Alex lost another one of his closest friends, Benjamin Millard, also known as Benji. Bowel cancer tragically claimed the life of 33-year-old Benji. Eight months prior to the sickness taking his life, the individual had received a diagnosis of the illness.

Benji’s passing was difficult for Alex to deal with because he was already grieving the loss of his cousin. He stated, “This week has been very rough,” on Twitter.

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