Who is Alejandro Aranda? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

It may sound complex, yet all you need to flourish in your profession is an awareness of who you are. There must be a connection between you and your work when you engage in it on a daily basis since this will increase your motivation and creativity.

Alejandro Aranda, who spent the majority of his life working as a dishwasher, came to realize that he was a musician after seeing a performance by the band “Backtrack.” He was so moved by the profundity of music that he resolved to dedicate his life to creating it.

Alejandro’s stage name today is “ScaryPoolParty,” and he has more than 450K Instagram followers. Alejandro came up with the moniker after attending a pool party that convinced him that music was where his future lay.

Alejandro Aranda American Idol

Alejandro had a strong entrance during the American Idol audition phase of the 17th season. Out Loud, a song he wrote himself, was sung by him. The song, which has already become a top-charting hit on Spotify, is about his upbringing. He sang it while strumming a guitar and added that it was about a time in his youth when he didn’t always tell the truth.

Additionally, Alejandro performed Cholo Love, another of his originals. The judges were astounded when he performed it on the piano this time. Without a doubt, all three of the judges gave him positive feedback and gave him the “Golden Ticket to Hollywood” for the competition.

Additionally, Alejandro gave his final solo performance in the Hollywood round of his original song, Ten Years, followed by Justin Bieber’s Sorry. Alejandro once more astounded the judges during the Hawaii round with his rendition of Coldplay’s Yellow, earning him a spot in the semifinals.

He sang Post Malone’s “I Fall Apart” and Ben Harper’s “There is a light” for the Top 20 finalist spot. Ben Harper himself joined him for the duet, which featured The Blind Boys of Alabama.

Alejandro’s rendition of Drake’s One Dance combined with the repeat of his own original song, Cholo Love, was sufficient for the judges to choose him among the top 10 finalists out of the top 14.

Alejandro, who is currently among the top 10 finalists, was chosen for the next round by his performance of Remember Me by Natalia Lafourcade & Miguel from Coco. He is deemed safe and advanced to the next round based on his performances, votes, and supporters.

Alejandro Aranda Bio – Age, Parents

From his very first performance, the 24-year-old Alejandro Aranda was able to capture the interest of both the judges and the crowd. The Pomona, California native advanced to the next round of auditions after performing two of his original songs.

The self-taught guitarist has not revealed a lot of information about his upbringing, parents, or family history. The only thing that is known about him is that, despite having only been playing music for four years, Alejandro has unquestionably mastered the craft.

In addition, the man worked as a dishwasher in Pomona and won the 2017 Artist of the Year Competition, which was sponsored by Five of Five Entertainment and California State University.

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