Who is Alaqua Cox? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Hawkeye, which made its Disney+ premiere in 2021, stars Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez/Echo, a well-known professional Native American actor. Bill Cox’s daughter Elena Heath was born deaf. She also has Mohican and Menominee tribes as ancestors. Cox also became well-known for her role as Maya Lopez in Hawkeye. For more information, keep reading.

Who is Alaqua Cox?

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Alaqua Cox, a well-known Native American professional actor, was born on the Menomini IndianReservation in 1997. She is also 24 years old. Elena Heath, Bill’s daughter, and Alaqua Cox both had hearing loss from birth. On the Menominee Indian Reservation close to Kashner, Wisconsin, she was born and raised. She belongs to the Mohican and Menominee tribes as a result. She has two siblings, Jordy and Katie Cox. Cox also lost his leg and wears a prosthesis. For her performance as Maya Lopez/Echo in the movie Hawkeye, Alaqua Cox is well-known.

Full Body Measurements: Height, Weight

Alaqua Cox is a 5’8″ actress who is endearing and beautiful. She probably weighs 60 kg. She has a 35-inch breasts as well. Her waist is 25 inches, and her hips are 35 inches in diameter. She wears size 8 shoes as well. Her hair and eyes are both dark browns. She is a stunning woman with exceptional acting abilities.

Quick Facts

Professional Life And Career

In 2021, Alaqua Cox began working in the entertainment industry. She has succeeded in the entertainment industry despite being deaf. As opposed to this, Cox made her acting debut in the Disney+ Marvel series Hawkeye.

She played the character of the strong woman Maya Lopez. Following that, she appeared on Hollywood Insider. She is also developing a movie called Echo. In 2022, the echo will be released. She is a great archer as well.

She has already made a name for herself in the entertainment sector despite being deaf. Her first acting role was as Maya Lopez in the Disney+ adaptation of the Marvel series Hawkeye, where she played a strong woman. Cox has not yet received a prize. In 2021, she had just started her profession. Cox has a variety of possibilities because to her former employment.

Net Worth, Salary, Assets

The estimated net worth of 24-year-old Alaqua Cox ranges from $5,000 to $60,000. She is financially secure. She has been richly compensated as a result of her acting profession. She has been in numerous TV programs, such as Hawkeye and Echo. And most significantly, she can live a happy life thanks to her financial success.

Relationship And Married

Alaqua and her lover developed a fiancée-like bond. But she said absolutely nothing about her fiance. On the other hand, their relationship has received a lot of media attention on social media.

She uploaded pictures of them to Instagram as well. For almost three years, Alaqua and her partner have been engaged. She conversed in private as well. The specifics of their wedding ceremony are still a mystery. The actress has never been in another relationship, to summarize. Alaqua, in contrast, has never been married.

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