Who is Aisha Hinds? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

In November 2020, Aisha Hinds, commonly known as A.I. and Esh, is engaged to Silky Valente. The American actress, known for her work in Under The Dome and Doll House, confirmed her engagement via an Instagram post.

The Tale Of Aisha`s Love Life

The Love Story Of Aisha Aisha and her fiance, who was also her boyfriend at the time, were first seen together by Life Media in 2010.

It was unclear whether or not the couple was dating even after they were spotted together in public. They finally lifted the veil of secrecy and announced their engagement via an Instagram post.

An event presenter and entrepreneur named Silky posted a photo of Aisha showing off her engagement ring with the message, “Mission Possible.”

Since then, numerous photos of their cherished friendship have been posted on both of their social media pages.

Aisha Hinds’s Bio: Parents

Aisha Hind was born on November 13, 1975, in Brooklyn, New York, to parents of Grenadian heritage. She was brought up by a single mother because her father is no longer alive.

Aisha Hind measures 5 feet 7 inches in height (1.7 meters).

She had the misunderstanding that one needed to have a distinctive appearance in order to gain a cast in either films or television series before she became famous for her distinctive bald head. She, therefore, took great care to let her hair grow out. She soon found it difficult to maintain her “length, relaxed hair,” so she made the decision to chop it short and eventually go bald without the help of a stylist.

Aisha revealed how she felt even more attractive in an ESSENCE interview from May 2017. She said:

I saw my features for the first time. I saw my cheekbones. I saw my nose. Beautiful. I saw my eyes, and That made me have a different relationship with myself.

Since then, she has become accustomed to wearing the hairstyle as her go-to look.

Net Worth

According to Celebrity NetWorth, Aisha Hinds has an outstanding net worth of $3 million. She gained her wealth by appearing in theater productions, movies, and TV shows.

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