Who is Afua Hirsch? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Height, Ethnicity

Afua Hirsch, a British author, and broadcaster, is renowned for her book Brit(ish): On Race, Identity, and Belonging. She had a brief career as a barrister in addition to her employment as a journalist for The Guardian.

Afua had previously kept her love life under wraps for a considerable amount of time, even if her professional accomplishments were obvious. However, it has since been made public that she is a married mother of a young child.

Married Life, Protects Daughter

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Afua is married and has a family of three, which consists of her daughter, Sam, and her boyfriend. Sam, her spouse, is of Ghanaian descent and is from Tottenham in North London.

The 37-year-partner old’s and her husband Sam were pursuing law careers when they first met, while they were in their 20s. But to this day, nothing is known about their courtship and wedding.

Nevertheless, Afua is fortunate to have a 2011 daughter.

The author hasn’t revealed the name of her daughter, but her behaviors suggest that she loves the child dearly.

Afua waxed lyrical about the terror incident of 2017 while talking about her seven-year-old daughter in a piece for The Guardian. She said that her daughter was looking forward to the field trip her school was on to the Tower of London.

However, given the high terror rates at the time, Afua and other parents were afraid for the security of their children. So, the field trip was canceled since the parents were so opposed to it.

Afua’s concern for her daughter’s safety shows that she is providing the greatest care possible for her. She might make her followers happy if she opened out to them about a lot of her personal life.

Afua Hirsch’s Bio: Career

Afua Hirsch was born in Stavanger, Norway, on June 12, 1981, to a British father and a Ghanaian Akan mother. She was reared in South London’s Wimbledon. Her paternal grandpa, Hans, was a Jew, according to her family’s genealogy, therefore she may be of Jewish descent.

At St Peter’s College in Oxford, Afua enrolled in courses in politics, philosophy, and economics. Afua joined BPP Law School shortly after receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree and enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Law program.

Afua began her legal profession as a criminal defense, public, and international law attorney. She was a legal correspondent for The Guardian as well as the West Africa correspondent located in Accra, Ghana. From 2014 to 2017, she shared the position of Social Affairs and Education Editor at Sky News with Chris Kenny.

Afua is particularly aggressive when it comes to defending the dignity of black people because she is of a black heritage. She openly discussed whether Nelson’s Column should be removed in August 2017 because Nelson opposed the abolitionist movement and she thought it represented white supremacy.

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