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Your heart will melt when you see the country musician Adley Stump’s Instagram engagement photo. The singer couldn’t help but express her love for her future hubby in her social media announcement post.

Adley Stump Engagement Post

“OH MY GOODNESS I’m going to wed Blake Matthew Kinsman, right?” On November 13, 2019, the country singer posted on Adley Stump Instagram about her joy. She announced her surprise engagement in the post, which took place at the Californian winery One Hope.

Blake, her passionate fiancĂ©, had meticulously planned everything out, and the surprise proposal’s execution couldn’t have been more ideal. According to Adley’s Instagram photos, the captivating proposal location was well-adorned.

The location where her fiancé got down on his knees and pulled out the engagement ring was marked by a trail of rose petals on the lush green grassy floor.

The winery’s surrounding hills and the peaceful yellow-sunset sky nicely suited the special day.

Adley praised the love of her life in her writing,

“Guys, it just doesn’t feel real. I have never felt deserving of him from the day we started dating. He is that talented. He is that lovely and strong. He is the type of person who inspires me to level up every day. I know no better man than him.”

She also stated in her article that Blake had invited her parents to be present for the big occasion. Additionally, he scheduled the day for her father’s birthday.

The proposal was also recorded on camera from three different perspectives as well as a drone shot. The suggestion unquestionably ranks at the top of all previous proposals.

Adley showed off her enormous, sparkling engagement ring on her post in order to express to the world how grateful she is to have him in her life. Additionally, her fiance shared the memorable moment on his social media accounts and lavishly congratulated her.

He noted:

“I am now figuratively the luckiest man alive because of you. Every every day, I am reminded that I am more fortunate than I deserve!”

Are They Planning To Get Married?

The What If I Stay singer made another significant statement on her YouTube channel, The Adley Show, on June 19, 2021.

Her wedding is being planned via the internet!

Yes, she is, in fact. She said in the video that the couple will wed in 30 days, but that all of the preparations would take place among strangers on a secret Instagram account. The couple would be unaware of the wedding preparations in the interim.

She recited the summary she had written for her special show, Internet Takeover: Wedding Edition, saying,

“One bride-to-be decides to show up on her wedding day without having planned a single detail in the midst of the highly commercialized wedding age. The specifics are irrelevant to her as long as he is present. The hilarious group of her friends who are the closest to her have chosen the venue, the outfit, and even the date, with the Internet offering advice on every decision along the way.”

She goes into further detail about her social experiment show later in the film, expressing her excitement for it to take place. Now we just have to wait and see what the surprise for her wedding is going to be.

A Short Bio

Adley Stump, a multi-hyphenate internet sensation, is most likely 33 years old. She is a Grammy-winning country singer, songwriter, content developer, and comedian.

She began YouTube in 2010, and as of 2021, she had over 60,000 subscribers and over 25 million views on her videos.

Over 200 million people read her material each week across Facebook, Snapchat, and other websites.

The most eagerly awaited episode of the internet sensation’s Internet-Wedding show, Internet Takeover: Wedding Edition, is scheduled to premiere on September 28, 2021.

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