Who Are Mike Asghari and Fatima Asghari – Sam Asghari’s Parents?

Iranian media icons Mike Asghari and Fatima Asghari are well-known for being the parents of Sam Asghari, a well-known model, personal trainer, actor, and Britney Spears’ fiancé.

In the 1980s, Mike and Fatima Asghari got married and spent the first few years of their union together in Iran, where they had four children, including Sam. Later, Mike moved his family to the United States in hopes of a better life, but their marriage ended as a result. Both have prospered in spite of these adverse conditions. They get along well with their attractive and accomplished children as well.

Sam Asghari’s Father, Mike Asghari, is a Former Tow Truck Driver

Former tow truck operator Mike Asghari is the father of Sam Asghari. Name in full: Mahmoud Mike Asghari was born sometime in the 1960s or 1970s. He is of Persian ancestry and has Iranian nationality. Mike Asghari was raised in Iran and had a respectable education. Later, he entered the workforce and supported himself honestly.

Sam Asghari’s Mother, Fatima Asghari, is a Homemaker

Fatima Asghari is Sam Asghari’s mother. There aren’t many specifics available regarding her upbringing and profession. She has Iranian nationality and is also known to be of Persian ancestry. Fatima Asghari was raised in Iran and completed a respectable amount of education. Later, perhaps in the late 1980s, she got married and spent most of her time taking care of the home. She also had a job to help her family.

Sam Asghari’s Parents Were Married for Several Years During Which They Had Four Kids

The parents of Sam Asghari met in the 1980s; both of them are natives of Iran. They began dating, and soon after that, they got married. During the early years of their marriage, the couple settled in Tehran, the capital of Iran, and welcomed four children. Sam Asghari, who was born in 1994, is one of them.

Although Mike and Fatima Asghari initially tried their best to provide for their family, raising four children wasn’t always simple. They began looking for methods to turn their situation around, and in the middle of the 1990s, they made the decision that Mike would immigrate to the United States in quest for better times.

His Father Later Immigrated to the U.S. Where He Married Another Woman

In the middle of the 1990s, Mike Asghari immigrated to the country and settled in California. He obtained employment as a tow truck driver and did so for a while. In October 1999, he also wed another woman, Janice Wilson, although they later got divorced. Fatima Asghari continued to provide for their four children as best she could from her home in Iran.

But as the load increased, it was agreed that Sam Asghari would also move to the United States in 2006. For the 12-year-old child, having to leave his mom and sisters behind was a really difficult situation. However, he was forced to seize the chance that coming to the United States presented to him.

Sam Asghari was Separated from His Parents for Several Years but They Always Supported Him

Sam Asghari arrived in the country in 2006 and lived with his father for the following two years. At first, his father put in a lot of effort to support him. But by 2008, he had left his position. Sam had to grow up with other members of the extended family after he and California both moved. Sam Asghari did not get to visit his mother or father, who stayed in Iran, for the following 12 years.

Nevertheless, in spite of their remoteness, they adored and helped him. They encouraged him as well, which allowed him to succeed in collegiate sports. Sam Asghari then established a profession as a personal trainer before going on to become a model and actor. In the process of doing this, he began dating pop icon Britney Spears in 2016, which increased his notoriety.

Sam Asghari’s Father is Now Based in Turkey But they Remain Close

Although Sam Asghari is now well-known, he hasn’t lost sight of his beginnings. Despite the many years of separation, he adores his parents and frequently writes about them online. He has uploaded some old photos of his parents, for instance. On Father’s Day, he also paid tribute to his father, praising him as a hard-working immigrant who tried his best to support his family. It appears from his online writings that Sam Asghari’s father now resides in Turkey or at the very least travels there frequently.

Sam Asghari is Also Close to his Mom Who Often Visits Him From Iran

Sam Asghari has a tight relationship with his mother, who continues to reside in Iran but frequently visits him in the United States. He frequently extols his mother’s beauty on social media. Additionally, he never forgets to send her greetings on significant dates like her birthday and Mother’s Day. Sam Asghari has proudly announced to the world that his mother adores his celebrity fiancee and that they are engaged.

Additionally, Faye Asghari, a nurse and rising model is one of Mike and Fatimah Asghari’s three daughters.

Sam Asghari’s parents were married for a number of years before divorcing. The pair still don’t live together, but they have a lot to be happy about. One of the most significant is that they have successful adult children. They also have three daughters: Faye, Maddie, and Ellie, in addition to Sam Asghari.

All three of the girls are American citizens, and Maddie and Faye both have excellent nursing careers. Fay is also a quickly emerging model who has thousands of Instagram followers. During 2017’s L.A. Fashion Week, she also strutted the runway for Michael Costello’s Art Hearts Show. With their daughters, Mike and Fatima Asghari have a good relationship. On social media, Maddie and Faye posted pictures of themselves visiting their father in Turkey. Additionally, mom and all three girls have been pictured together.

Sam Asghari’s parents must also be pleased with how close their children are. Sam Asghari frequently posts photos of his sisters on his social media profiles because he is so proud of them. Additionally, he frequently bids them happy birthday and the like. He also stood by Faye for her debut fashion show, and his sisters returned the favor. They’ve wished him well on becoming engaged. Additionally, they support his adored fiancée.

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