WhistlinDiesel’s Disastrous Ideas Are Supported By His Wife!

If you’re a car aficionado, you’ve probably seen WhistlinDiesel’s ridiculous videos on YouTube.

WhitlinDiesel, whose real name is Cody Detwiler, is notorious for uploading YouTube videos in which he puts his trucks through ridiculous “tests” and “experiments” that frequently result in the vehicles being wrecked.

Given that his works of creativity almost always result in damage and ruin, one would expect his wife to be against it. (A little stop for anyone wondering if WhistlinDiesel is still married: yep, WhistlinDiesel is still married.) Mrs. WhistlinDiesel, it turns out, enjoys partaking in her husband’s antics as well.

Relationship Status

In the video My Wife Destroys My $100,000 Truck with a Crowbar, one such example can be found. The YouTuber’s wife, who went by the handle “Mrs. Whistlindiesel” on social media, did exactly that, destroying Detwiler’s $100,000 truck with a crowbar.

Mrs.Whistlindiesel, the wife, appears to be just as crazy about trucks as her husband, and she has her own YouTube account where she usually makes videos about her Ford F-250.

She now goes by the name Rae on social media, including Instagram and the OnlyFans page. Rae could just be Mrs.true Whistlindiesel’s name, or it could be another alias.

According to The Diesel Podcast, the YouTuber married his wife when he was only 18 years old. She appears in his videos and social media posts on occasion.

There isn’t much else known about her, which is surprising given that she has over 353,000 Instagram followers and 116,000 YouTube subscribers.

In any case, she appears to be very supportive of her husband’s work, and the two appear to live happily together with plenty of trucks to drive and smash.

Mrs. Whistlindiesel shared an Instagram photo with her husband and what appears to be a new Monstermax truck in the background in November 2020.

He’s blown up a $100,000 Ford F30 Limited and driven a truck into the sea.

The YouTuber has performed a number of bizarre activities, the most notable of which was driving his Monstermax, a converted Ford pickup truck, into the Gulf of Mexico. Throughout the stunt, the truck was afloat, with eight big tires spinning freely in the open sea.

The truck cruising in the water, it’s safe to say, drew a lot of attention, including from the coast guard and the local sheriff. Other than a $70 fine for not displaying the correct boat number, the YouTube personality avoided any legal ramifications. The truck was, in fact, registered as a watercraft.

WhitlinDiesel posted a still from the video to Instagram, and the video itself can be accessed on YouTube. “I will be returning with Monstermax 2.0,” the now-deleted post’s description said. I’ll also have scuba gear and proper water, land, and air registration.”

Detwiler bought a 2017 Ford F-350 Limited with enormous wheels, plush seats, and a hydraulic lift in early 2020 with the intention of destroying it. The pickup truck, valued around $102,000, was set on fire, crushed with sledgehammers, dragged through the mud, jumped fences, and ripped apart with an excavator in what the YouTuber referred to as “testing.”

Detwiller has also played tug-of-war with trucks, collided trucks head-on, and placed razor-sharp or 20-foot wheels inside vehicles, among other things.

The video maker stated in his end-of-year Instagram post for 2020 that he wants to achieve larger things in 2021, and it wouldn’t be shocking to see him leap a truck off a building or something similar!

His videos always elicit a mixed response

Detwiler’s work does not seem to appeal to everyone, and as a result, his videos always receive mixed reviews. Some people adore his videos, while others think he’s a spoiled brat. Many people are baffled as to why he goes around damaging perfectly nice autos.

The YouTuber appears to like the spotlight in any case, and in several of his videos, he has called out his detractors and addressed particular remarks made by them.

Whether you like him or not, WhistlinDiesel has a sizable following on YouTube, with around 1.7 million members as of January 2020.

WhitlinDiesel appears to have a good number of sponsors and collaborations, and he sells branded products. His current net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million

It’s no surprise that Mrs. Whistlindiesel enjoys seeing her husband wreck pricey trucks!

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