Where Is Travis Tedford Right Now? He Got Fame From ‘The Little Rascal’

Isn’t it exciting to see how much your favorite childhood celebrity has grown? Take, for example, Travis Tedford, a beloved childhood celebrity of the 1990s who has transformed not only his appearance and career but also his entire life, stunning everyone.

So, what adjustments has Travis made in his life? Continue reading to find out!

Travis Tedford: ‘The Little Rascal’ has matured

The Texas-born child actor experienced sudden popularity as Spanky McFarland in “The Little Rascals” at a young age (1994). Travis Tedford, who played Spanky on the sitcom in the 1990s, was a fan favorite. As the leader of the rascals, the cherubic child Spanky brought a lot of havoc, but that was the talk of the ’90s!

Tedford is approaching 30 years old in 2017, while the show itself celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2014 with all of its casts. Tedford was ecstatic about the reunion and even shared photos of it on Twitter, which have since been mysteriously erased.
Surely, the tide of time had shifted dramatically since the time show first aired. However, Travis was still subjected to Spanky’s antics, as evidenced by the reunion poster.

Travis still has a deep bond with the cast members of the program, despite the two-decade difference.

Travis Tedford in 2017: What Happened to Him?

In the 1990s, Travis Tedford was the name that every brand wanted for product promotion. His Welch grape juice commercial even propelled his remarkable career as a kid actor to new heights.

Following “The Little Rascals,” he completed a few major projects, including “A Bug’s Life” in 1998, “The Thirteenth Floor” in 1999, “The Amanda Show” (1999-2001), and “The Final” (2010), although none of them were as successful as his debut performance as Spanky.

Contrary to popular belief, Travis only appeared in a few films, and his face was rarely shown in the media!

The actor has retired from acting to pursue a career in another industry. He worked as a marketing professional for Texas Trust Credit Union in order to hone his business talents.

During his absence, Tedford was featured in a TMZ article in 2007 that showed him working the overnight shift at a Wal-Mart wearing the badge.

The 27-year-old actor, who stands 5’7″ tall, stated why he never took major parts following Spanky as,

“I was typecast pretty hardcore and wasn’t given a lot of roles because I looked too much like Spanky. That’s why I never did any huge projects after Little Rascals. It’s like Seinfeld when everyone wants George Costanza[rather than Jason Alexander]. When I moved back to Texas in 2002, I was really done with acting. I didn’t tell anyone who I was unless recognized.”

He went on to explain how he moved on after leaving the performing business.

“After I made it to my senior year, I figured out how to use the whole thing in a positive way, and it didn’t haunt me anymore. Instead of running from the fact I was Spanky, I embraced it. Changing that feeling alone made me a more positive person, which in turn increased my friendships with people.”

As of now, he has completely diverged himself in the management industry. His position at Texas Trust Credit Union has progressed from Financial Service Officer to Inbound Marketing Specialist to Digital Coordinator. His LinkedIn profile appears to be speaking for his managerial career!

Well, the shift of employment path appears to be paying him well in terms of personal fulfillment, as he does not appear to have made up his mind to work in movies or television.

Early Life

Travis Tedford, an actor, was born on August 19, 1988, in Rockall, Texas, as Travis William Tedford. He was raised in a Dallas suburb by his parents, Paula Kay Dixon and Timmy Bill Tedford.

In terms of formal schooling, he graduated from Athens High School in 2006. In addition, in 2008, he earned an Associates’s Degree in Liberal Arts from Trinity Valley Community College.

After a few years at community college, Tedford decided to attend the University of Texas at Arlington for his marketing degree after his time at Trinity.

Travis’s early role as Spanky has had the most impact on his career. He eventually landed in Garland, Texas, where he worked in the marketing department of the Texas Trust Credit Union, saying his final farewell to the performing profession.

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